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Apr 16 / Amy

You can’t have ‘paint’ with out some ‘pain’

Up until we decided to paint our kitchen, Josh and I have had pretty good luck with painting.

Our master bathroom and dining room turned out just fine (minus a few spots where I may or may not have accidentally gotten paint on the ceiling).  So when it came time to paint our kitchen, we thought it was going to be an easy update.

We strolled into The Home Depot and I went up to order our paint.  The conversation went a little something like this:

THD Guy: “How can I help you?”
Me: “I’d like to get a gallon of Behr Paint in Orange Ice with an Eggshell finish, please.”
THD Guy: “Would you like to get the paint and primer mix.”
Me: “Um…sure, why not?”

Since it was a light color the thought of primer hadn’t crossed my mind.  I don’t know what I was thinking though, because when it comes down to it, you can’t really prime AND paint at the same time.  Seriously, what was I thinking??

Clearly, I wasn’t.

We taped off the kitchen, laid our plastic down, and got to work.

Buh-bye builder’s beige!

We started behind the fridge, since it required us to pull the fridge out of it’s cubby, we wanted to do that area first, so we could move it back while we worked on the rest of the room.  The trim areas were painted, and for the most part were successful.  Then we rolled the walls in between the trim areas.  Since Josh and I were both painting, it didn’t take as long as it did when I painted by myself (thankfully).

We definitely needed two coats of paint – which was obvious after we finished the first pass. So we let the first dry and went back for the second layer a little later.  We were hot and I was a bit cranky, so a break was necessary.

Getting there…

Round 2 went a lot faster, which was good.  Once we finished, Josh started peeling some of the tape off.  I suggested that we wait a bit, so it could dry a little first – because that’s what we’d done in the other two rooms we’d recently painted.

A couple hours later, he goes to pull tape down, and with it, the paint came off the wall by the cabinet.

Yes. You read that correctly.  The paint pulled off with the blue 3M tape.  And when I say it pulled the paint off, not only did it pull the orange paint off, it also pulled the builder’s beige paint color with it.  You can see the drywall now!!

It did this by the cabinet above the fridge.

Yep, that’s not the builder’s beige you see…

It did this next to the cabinet where we keep the cat food.

I’m not sure what the black thing is, perhaps whatever holds the drywall down?

It did this near the ceiling.


We also had some seepage onto the cabinets and cabinet trim. 🙁  The paint is light orange, so it definitely sticks out.

Seepage is no good…

I told Josh I’m not happy with how things turned out, so I’m thinking we’re going to either a) pull the paint off – if it comes off that easily, it may not be an issue b) sand down the areas where the paint peeled off and level it out with some wall filler/plaster type stuff (the name escapes me at the moment) and repaint the kitchen with NON-primer/paint mix or c) hire someone to do it.

Most likely we’re looking at option B.  But, since we’re talking about hiring someone to install crown molding in different areas of the house, we might be able to swing a request for them to fix our errors in the process.  We’ll see.

For now, I’ll just look at the wall daily and growl under my breath.  I’m hosting a wedding shower in a little over two months, so we’ve got to get this corrected soon!

Have any of you had painting fiascoes while painting in your house?  Do you know how we can fix our little situation easily? I would love to get some feedback on this one!

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  1. Jen / Apr 16 2012

    That sucks! We used the Behr paint and primer in one and had no issues with it. Maybe it has to do with the type of paint the buyer used? I am so sorry you’re dealing with this mess 🙁

    • Amy / Apr 16 2012

      You know, it’s quite possible that the builders used a crappy paint. I wouldn’t be surprised, as I’ve seen other ‘sloppy’ work since we’ve been in the house and looking at things closer. Several other people commented that they didn’t have issues with the paint/primer either – but I did find several posts online with people experiencing the same thing. There were no issues with non-paint/primer paints used in the other rooms…

      In any case, painting the kitchen again was *NOT* on my original to-do list! Grr!

  2. Thorin / Apr 16 2012

    Sorry. 🙁 My best friend is a contractor if you are looking for recommendations.

    • Amy / Apr 17 2012

      Thanks, Thorin! This article, plus Shannon’s feedback on Facebook will come in handy! And I’d love your friend’s info if they’re up for some small jobs! 🙂

  3. Jeff / Apr 16 2012

    Oh man. That’s bad news.

    Hire someone. It’ll take a pro a fourth of the time it will take you and it will be far better (no offense).

    Also I liked the “pain” and “paint” play on words in the title, but kinda think you could have found a way to work T Pain in there somehow.

    • Amy / Apr 17 2012

      We will look into hiring someone. We know there are projects that will definitely require a pro (crown molding – not even going to attempt that one!)

      And it’s funny, I thought about bringing T-Pain into this, with “Buy U a drank…” because I needed one after painting!

  4. Cristin / Apr 17 2012

    :(. We painted our bedroom and we had major seepage! I was so ticked because we spent forever carefully taping everything off!! I hope it’s fixed soon! Love the pretty orange color though!

    • Amy / Apr 17 2012

      That’s so frustrating! Seepage is evil. What did you guys do about it afterwards?

      We had talked about painting the baseboards again anyway, so this made it more likely that we will do it sooner rather than later.

  5. Cristin / Apr 18 2012

    We have yet to do anything, but to be honest – we will probably just hire someone to do it this go ’round!

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