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Sep 29 / Amy

Quilted Memories – My Project Repat Experience

Ever since I graduated from Mercer, I’ve had this collection of sorority, fraternity, and college t-shirts.  And there were a lot of them. A lot, a lot.

I always said I wanted to make them into a quilt, but hadn’t quite found the right company, at the right cost.  So many of the t-shirt quilt companies were pretty pricey, so I put off ordering one.

Then, last month, a longtime friend and sorority sister of mine (Battle) posted about making a quilt with Project Repat.  She was so happy with how her quilt turned out, it was the push I needed to gather up my shirts and get a quilt made.

So I went to Project Repat’s site to look at my options.

You can order a lap blanket, twin, full, queen, or king size quilt.  The larger the quilt, the more squares required.  I found a portion of my shirts tucked away, but went on a search mission to find the rest (hiding in our guest bedroom closet under several boxes).  Once I knew how many shirts I had on hand, I decided to go with a full sized quilt (30 squares) and made my order.  I went with the 14×14 squares, because several of the designs on my shirts were larger and I didn’t want them to get cut off if I went with 12×12.

After the order was placed, I received an email with details on how to prepare my shirts for production, as well as the shipping details.  Since a majority of my shirts had been in storage, I wanted to wash them before I cut them up.  Once washed and laid out, I cut up the shirts.  It took me about 2 hours to knock out.  It was a lot of fun though, going through the old shirts, and the memories* tied to them.

With Project Repat, you have the option to allow them to piece your quilt together, OR, you can lay out your squares in a specific order, take a picture, and include a printed picture with your squares when you send them off.  Because I have some control and OCD tendencies (ha!), I went with the latter option.

Shirts laid out

Shirts laid out before folding


I set out the shirt squares in the order I wanted, snapped a pic, and printed it out the next day, to include in the package to the production company.

I have to say, the turnaround time on this quilt was spectacular.  Here’s a timeline of events:

  • August 31st: Ordered online
  • September 14th: Sent squares off to production company
  • September 15th: Production company received shirt squares (because I overnighted)
  • September 24th: Received notice quilt was complete
  • September 26th: Finished quilt shipped back to me
  • September 28th: Received quilt at home!

WOW!  So fast!

And the finished product is great.  The quilt looks just like I wanted it to, and the fleece backing is so soft!  It’s perfect!

The finished product!

The finished product!

If you’ve been holding on to old t-shirts with the thought of making a quilt, I *highly* recommend Project Repat.  If you’re interested in ordering one, you can use my referral link and save 15% off your order.  Check it out!  And if you do, be sure to let me know what you think (and maybe send me a pic of your finished quilt).




* Shirt Memories – For anyone curious:

  • Row 1
    • Square 1: Philanthropy Night shirt for Recruitment Fall 2002.  I always loved the Ronald McDonald House design and the poem tied to it.  I was the t-shirt chair in charge of having it made, so it’s a favorite.
    • Square 2: From the “Ragin’ Cajun” mixer event ADPi had with Lamba Chi Alpha.  The LXA boys were a lot of fun – and I spent a lot of time with them senior year.
    • Square 3: This shirt was from the ATO/ADPi Kids Day Out event.  This annual event started in my early college years, and was always a fun time.  We had face painting and fun events for the local kids from the community.
    • Square 4: An ATO rush shirt from Fall 2003.  As an ATO sweetheart, these boys were the best in town.  I took this shirt to Australia with me, so it saw a lot of the country as well. 🙂
    • Square 5: Semi-formal ADPi shirt from sophomore year
  • Row 2:
    • Square 1: SGA Family Weekend shirt.
    • Square 2: Bondy the Beer Man – Bond University’s mascot while I was studying abroad.  They’ve since moved to a bullshark mascot…
    • Square 3: What does your major do?  We had these shirts made for a Society for Technical Communication conference, and they were a hit.  We ended up printing more and selling them to folks from the conference, who thought they were great.
    • Square 4: Australian flag shirt.  Man, I love that country.
    • Square 5: El Beacho…these guys had the idea to do a Jock Strap race around campus – and needed shirts to raise money.  I came up with the slogan for the back “Doing what we can to support the community.”  As luck would have it, they opted to have the race the night of a Mercer Overnight.  I can’t help but laugh, and am thankful that no potential freshmen experienced this.
  • Row 3:
    • Square 1: The Bear’s Den is one of the most wonderful places to eat in Macon.  Southern cooking at it’s finest.
    • Square 2: Big Man on Campus was an event started by ADPi.  This shirt design was a collaborative effort with fellow sister, Sam, in one of our classes.  It was used on fliers and shirts sold to support the event.
    • Square 3: A Mercer Bears shirt *had* to be front and center on this shirt. 🙂
    • Square 4: This is a picture of Mercer’s Administration building that I took, edited, and used for a t-shirt for potential freshmen who attended Mercer Admissions events.
    • Square 5: Sister Mister was an annual event with Chi Omega, where we’d find our diamond sisters a date.  Sometimes you knew who your date would be, sometimes you didn’t. 🙂
  • Row 4:
    • Square 1: Black Diamond formal – Senior year.  This was quite possibly the MOST comfortable t-shirt we ever had.
    • Square 2: This shirt isn’t from college, but it’s still special.  This shirt was acquired the date that MERCER BEAT DUKE in basketball.  I was at the game, and it was one of the greatest days ever!
    • Square 3: Another Mercer Overnight shirt.  I didn’t design it, but I loved it.  Working on the Student Admissions Team was an honor and a privileged.  I learned a lot on the team and my appreciation for the University definitely grew.
    • Square 4:  Since we didn’t have a football team when I was in school, we had joke shirts.  “Mercer Football – Undefeated since 1942”, which happened to be the last year we had a team.  Now that Mercer has a football team again, I figured it was safe to add this one to the quilt. 😉
    • Square 5: ATO Big Pig Jig – A BBQ event held by ATO my senior year.
  • Row 5:
    • Square 1: Every year, ADPi would hold Mallard Ball, an event where everyone dressed in camo and the boys outnumbered the girls – since we could all invite 3 boys each.  Fun times. 🙂
    • Square 2: ADPi Crest Shirt.  I picked this one up while advising for the Beta Sigma girls.  We never had crest shirts while I was a student, so I wanted one.
    • Square 3: Another ATO Rush shirt – also worn quite a bit.  It was one of my favorites. 🙂
    • Square 4:  “It’s a jungle out there, aren’t you glad you’re a lion?” ADPi Bid Day shirt from Fall 2002.
    • Square 5: ATO St. Patrick’s Day party shirt from 2005.  I lived in this shirt, it’s so worn out.  I loved it.  That night was kind of a blur, but I know it was a good time! 😉
  • Row 6:
    • Square 1: If events at Mercer didn’t have a t-shirt, you didn’t go, haha.  This shirt was from Founder’s Day, and showcased the years all the different schools were established.
    • Square 2: ADPi Parents Weekend shirt – Spring 2002.  This was one of my shirts as t-shirt chair.  Definitely a favorite.
    • Square 3: Another Mallard Ball shirt.
    • Square 4: Back in the day, when Basketball was our primary sport, we had Homecoming in the spring.  Freshman year, we did Homecoming with Kappa Sigma, and this was our shirt for the “Frozen in Time” theme.
    • Square 5:  Another Bid Day shirt for ADPi.  Spades Kill, Hearts Break, Clubs Close, but Diamonds Last Forever.
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