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Mar 11 / Amy

Knock, Knock!

Who’s there?


Orange, who?

Orange you proud of us?  We’re using a color other than green!  I know I am!

In talking about painting areas of the house, we were stuck on what color to paint the dining room.  The builder’s beige was pretty boring, and we wanted to warm the room up a little.  Since we’ve done a lot of green in the house (with a little more to come), we opted to find another color.

We didn’t want to do blue, because that’s an appetite suppressing color (since it reminds the body of mold – a little psychology for ya!), since it is the dining room.  We didn’t want to do a bold red, since it would really clash with the rest of our colors, so we settled on orange.

I know that sounds strange, because orange is a bold color, but we didn’t intend to go with highlighter or Mercer orange, we just had to find the right color.  I knew I didn’t want the orange that my landlord painted the kitchen at my first place:

Briiiiiight orange!

So on my lunch break this week, I went to the big orange box (ha, no pun intended) and picked up paint swatches.

A lot of them.

Lots of oranges.

While I was in store, my eye kept going to two particular colors (which aren’t in the pile above).  Behr Fresh Peaches and Luminary.  I thought these would be perfect – one for the dining room (Fresh Peaches) and one for the kitchen (Luminary).  I wanted to hear Josh’s opinion though, so I kept quiet while showing them to him.

He went through and quickly discarded the dark oranges that I picked up for giggles.  He narrowed it down to two swatches, and said, “I like Fresh Peaches and this Luminary.”  I just love when we’re on the same wavelength.  I told him I wanted to get a sample of those two, and Orange Ice, which was a little lighter than Luminary – just in case one didn’t work out.

So two days later (because I was swamped at work) I went back and got three samples of Behr paint in the three colors.  After dinner that evening, we decided to paint test areas to see which ones looked best.

(L to R): Fresh Peaches, Luminary, Orange Ice

Holy cow, Fresh Peaches was *not* going to work.  We really liked Luminary and Orange Ice though, so we made an executive decision and said Luminary would be our dining room color, and Orange Ice would go in the kitchen.  Easy.

Since I picked up painter’s tape while I was at The Home Depot, Josh helped me tape off the room since he was going to be leaving for Austin, TX for SXSW.  Very thankful for that, because it saved me time this weekend in prepping the room.

Getting closer to painting…

I picked up the paint yesterday, along with a cart full of other things (yard bags, iris bulbs, and carpenter ant/bee spray – more on that later).

You can never go into The Home Depot for just one thing…

Once I got home, I finished taping off the baseboards.  I waited to do that until I knew I was going to paint, since Birdie likes to steal things, I didn’t want him pulling off the tape in the middle of the night.  I draped the dining room table in plastic, and then put plastic all around the floor – using the painter’s tape on the baseboards to hold it in place – and prevent any paint from getting on the floor.

The boys loved playing on the plastic until I kicked them out of the dining room.  They spent most of the afternoon on the chair watching me paint.

After I was set, I painted the trim areas along the ceiling, baseboards, and windows.  I wish I would have done a bit more as far as a wider stroke goes, or even two coats, but it’ll do for now.  We’d love to put crown moulding in the room, so it wouldn’t matter if we did that! 😉

Then the painting began.  While I was at The Home Depot, I picked up a Shur-Line Twist ‘N’ Reach 19-1/2 in. Roller Frame and I was glad that I did!  I didn’t have to use the step stool while painting the room.

The first coat took me about an hour to do and it was obvious the room needed a second coat.  I took a quick break, sent a picture to Josh, and started prepping for round two.

First coat – done!

The second round took a little less time and it looked *SO* much better.  There’s a slight orange glow to the room, but it does look really pretty.  Once we get our new furniture into the room, with some decoration, it’ll look really good.  I can’t wait. 🙂  Still a few minor things to touch up, but it’s a definite (and welcome) change from what was there before.

Once we get the room all together, I’ll post more pics!

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