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Jan 13 / Amy

#27 – We are Homeowners!

Yep, you read that correctly!  I swore for years I didn’t want to buy a house, I didn’t want to settle down in a house – just in case we had the opportunity to move.  Well, it’s funny how things change, isn’t it?

Back in January of last year, I opened a spreadsheet (I love Excel) and started a list of houses that I liked with all of their details (cost/schools/sq ft./# of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc.).  When I’d get bored at night, I’d look through the real estate sties to find houses that I’d like.  I’d show them to Josh and he’d roll his eyes, because we were so far from being able to buy a house, he viewed it as pointless.  I viewed it as gauging the market and narrowing down what we liked/wanted in a house.

Over time, we narrowed it down to wanting a 4 bedroom/2.5+ bathroom home.  We wanted it in a good school zone, as we did not have plans to send our potential future child(ren) to private school in Atlanta.  We weren’t fully decided on the exterior look of the home, but knew what we wanted on the interior.  For months, I spent time working on finding houses that matched this description, as well as tracked prices of homes (because I found it interesting to watch homes drop in price over the months on the market).

There were several homes that we fell in love with online, only to see them swept up by another buyer – because we weren’t ready to buy.  With our trip to Australia in the plans, we knew we wanted to wait until after our trip to buy a house.

Then in October, we decided we wanted to reach out to realtors to start our search, knowing it could take awhile to find the perfect house.  Afterall, most of the houses that I’d been collecting in my spreadsheet were no longer available.

In November, when it became increasingly obvious that in order to find what we wanted, we were going to need to increase our budget.  We tried to start out lower, but had a number in mind that would be our max spend.  So we started searching in that range and found 6 potential houses online – one of which we fell in love with. Hard.

We went out with our realtor (Jamie Hook – who was amazing by the way*) and looked at 5 of those 6 homes, each not living up to the standard we’d set for “the one” as we viewed them in person.  And then the time came to see “the one” in person.  It was love at first sight, and we knew it was the one.  We wanted this house.

View from the living room

We put an offer on it that day, and we thought we were crazy.  It wasn’t in our plans to put an offer on a house until December, or even January once we were back from Oz, but we didn’t want to lose this house.  And within 24 hours, we’d agreed on a price with the seller – and set the closing date for January 12th [Note: We were going to do Jan 13th (my birthday) but since it’s also Friday the 13th, superstition set in and we went with the 12th].

Then came the fun stuff.  Inspections, appraisal, a second appraisal, back and forth on what we wanted repaired on the house, etc.  It was stressful, but not nearly as bad as it could have been.  We also learned the history of our house from some of the neighbors, which was interesting to say the least.  But we weren’t scared off – we knew this was meant to be.

And yesterday, we signed all of the paperwork, got the keys from the seller, and became homeowners.  And in doing so, crossed off #27 of my life list – we bought a house.  Runner and Birdie are going to be thrilled. 😉

With the keys to our new house!


Us with the house! Excuse the poor quality photo – the “facetime” shot on the iPhone isn’t all that great!


* Special thanks to my friend Jen C. for referring Jamie!

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  1. Lauren / Jan 13 2012

    Congrats!! So exciting!

  2. Cristin / Jan 18 2012

    YAY!! Congrats, again!! So happy for you – owning a home is the best and worst of things!!

    • Amy / Jan 20 2012

      Thanks! 🙂 We’re really excited and can already see how it can be one of the best and worst things, and we’re not moved in! Glad to have our own space (and no noisy downstairs neighbor) but there are already things we want to do to the house – and now we have noisy dogs next door.

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