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Apr 25 / Amy

The Price is Wrong, b!#*% – (Part 2 of 2)

[If you missed Part 1, you can read it here.]

The crowd’s excitement was contagious!  It was almost 6 am and the gate attendant was making their way to the line.  While we were all spread out overnight, we quickly began eliminating any sort of personal space between the people in front of us – hoping that the closer we were to the front, the better our chances were for getting inside the studio lot.

A tidbit that we learned overnight was that as long as you were in line before the bus stop bench, people typically made it in for the show.  We had a good 20 feet between where we were and the bench, so surely we’d be one of the lucky ones to get the entry pass.

As we inched closer and closer to the gate, I noticed there were still passes in the attendant’s hand. When we came face to face with her, she handed us our numbers (we were 100 and 101 of the 150 granted access) and told us to come back at 8 am. What? Two hours from now?!

We decided to move the car to a parking lot at The Grove down the road, put our blankets and what not up, and I opted to put on make-up (since I didn’t want to “sleep” in it over night) and freshened up.  It was still cool outside, so I was glad that I’d brought a fleece sweater with me.  I decided to keep it with me, and I’m glad that I did.

Mom and I walked to a restaurant across the street and grabbed a bite to eat, along with a warm beverage.  I felt like a zombie from the lack of sleep, but was ecstatic that we’d made the first cut.  We walked back to the studio at 8 am and stood in line talking with some people around us.  We met a mother and her two college aged sons, who had been in Las Vegas and decided to drive over to see if they could attend a taping.  The sons thought it was kind of a lame idea, but went along for the ride since their mom wanted to go.  Once everyone returned, we were herded into a line similar to what you’d find at an amusement park.

The crowd emcee walked around to every single person and had us introduce ourselves to the crowd, “Hi, My name is Amy, and I live in Atlanta!”  Ah, how exciting!!!  We had to sign some paperwork ahead of time as well, and then we waited…and waited…and waited.

Next up they broke us into smaller groups of 15-20 people and had mini interviews with everyone to learn more about us.  We were to appear excited and enthusiastic, as this was our shot to get into the producers mind as a possible contestant for The Price is Right (yeah, I thought it was completely random too – but it’s not).  I thought I was excited, but boy were there some people that were completely over the top!  I knew my chances were slim due to the number of contestants that actually get called on stage, but I gave it my best shot.

Around 11:00 am, we were ushered into the studio.  It was really happening! I was going to see Bob Barker, live and in person!!!

Bob Barker (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

Once inside, it was SO incredibly cold.  The room was significantly smaller than I thought it would be and it was clear that some sort of magic was done during the television broadcast in looking at the different pieces of the set.  It didn’t matter though – I was going to experience “television’s most exciting hour of fantastic prizes.”

The first contestant to make it to the stage got to play Plinko. I was a little sad, since that is by far my favorite game, but I kept up hope that I’d get called to Contestant’s Row.  As the names were called, one of the people we met earlier in the day made it to the stage (one of the two guys there with their mom)!

And if you look closely, right around 1:05 on the video – you can see me and my mom standing up cheering for the guy!

There we are!

During the commercial breaks, Bob Barker would come out on stage and answer questions and talk to the crowd.  Halfway through the episode, the crowd convinced him to speak a line from Happy Gilmore.

The crowd went wild!  Hearing Bob Barker speak those words made me laugh, and in that moment I felt happy.

I didn’t make it to the stage, but the day was definitely worth it.  I didn’t take home any prizes, but I still have my name tag, and I have this story.  All in all, a great way to cross something off my life list.

My name tag for the day!


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  1. Ashley / Apr 25 2011

    What a great story…I’m not sure there are many things in this life worth losing a night’s sleep over, but the opportunity to meet a childhood idol is definitely one of them!

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