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Feb 25 / Amy

Product Review: Reese’s Spreads

Last month, I received my first product from Influenster to try and write about*.

Of course, that first product was a container of Reese’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread. Just as I’d rung in 2015 with the decision to try and eat better. 🙂

First Influenster Box!

First Influenster Box!


Oh boy!

Yum. Who doesn’t like Reese’s (if you answered ‘me’, we can’t be friends anymore)?!


Because I was still trying to be good, it took me a little while to dive in after I opened the box. But when I did, man, the combinations we tried in our house went on and on! This stuff seriously tastes just like a peanut butter cup…with maybe a smidge more chocolate than peanut butter. So good.

I think my favorite pairing was the spread and Granny Smith apples. They’re tangy and tart, the spread was sweet. Delicious!




Josh attempted to just spread it on a piece of bread and eat it plain. He thought it was pretty tasty that way too.


One morning B was eating waffles, so I decided to join him…and you guessed it, put the spread on the waffles instead of my normal peanut butter. Great option!


After B’s birthday party, Josh put the spread on graham crackers. Also a delicious pairing!


One day while I was home, and B was having a fit about wanting a snack RIGHT THEN, I threw his cup of goldfish together and I put some spread on a tortilla (don’t judge!) and surprisingly, not bad.



And not too long ago, I may or may not have dipped animal crackers left over from B’s birthday in the spread…also very good.


I found the spread to be pretty versatile in the snack department. I’d heard about the spread before, but never purchased it. My mom has bought it before, loves the stuff, and actually suggested the waffle option! Thanks Mom!

It’s probably not something I’d buy every day, because let’s be real, if I’d put it on a toritlla to eat it, there’s not much I wouldn’t put it on for a snack. And I’m trying to be better about snacking.

If you’re looking for a sweet treat, I definitely recommend checking it out. If I remember correctly the caloric content for 2tbsp is the same as 2tbsp of peanut butter…with the added benefit of some chocolate…but don’t hold me on that!


If you’ve tried Reese’s spreads before, what did you pair it with?  Would love to try a few more combinations with what we have left!




*Disclaimer: Influenster sent me this complimentary package to try and write about. All words in this review are honest and my own.

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  1. rebekah / Feb 25 2015

    Innnnteresting! Are the nutritional values about the same as pb?

    • Amy / Feb 27 2015

      I’d have to check…I try to ignore those things most of the time. 😉

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