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Feb 11 / Amy

Going to the Grammy’s…Grammy’s… (Part I)

Happy 2015!! ūüôā

It’s been awhile since I last posted, but I figured I *needed* to write about this!

So I mentioned a few posts back that Josh was up for an award regarding a tweet that he wrote last year. ¬†But I realized I never really set the story up, or shared the tweet. ¬†Most of you reading know me in person, so I’m sure you’re well aware due to the posts I’ve shared on Facebook – but in looking at my blog stats – there are people that I don’t know reading my posts (hi!!!) so I figure I should explain a little.

In short, last year Pharell wore a crazy looking hat to the Grammy’s, that somewhat resembled the Arby’s logo. ¬†Josh works for Arby’s (was the manager of social media at the time), wrote a tweet directed to Pharrell, and it went viral. ¬†VIRAL. ¬†If you want to read more about it all, you can do so here.

Anywho. ¬†Shortly after his tweet went viral and Arby’s got all kinds of exposure, they had their company meeting. ¬†During said company meeting, Josh was called up and they talked about what happened, and rolled in a big cake that looked like Pharrell’s hat. ¬†And then the CEO mentioned that they were sending Josh to the Grammy’s in 2015.

Say. What.

Needless to say he was stunned (as was I) that they were sending us to the Grammy’s. ¬†I sat on this info for so long, telling only a few people, because I didn’t want to tell folks and it not happen. ¬†Then we started getting closer and closer to the Grammy Awards, and our travel plans started being made, and it started getting real. ¬†WE WERE GOING TO THE GRAMMY AWARDS!

Of course, the whole time I was wondering what I was going to wear. ¬†What girl wouldn’t? ¬†Long dress? ¬†Short Dress? ¬†AH! ¬†The one thing I didn’t question was where I’d get it. ¬†I *knew* I was going to rent a dress from Rent the Runway, but narrowing down the selection would be hard. ¬†That could be a whole other post, but I know folks want the details, so I’ll get to it!

Day 1:

Saturday morning, Josh and I departed to the airport leaving little man in my parents’ hands. ¬†He’s a busy kiddo, so we knew they’d have a good time (and be exhausted). ūüôā ¬†We just asked them to send us pics throughout the day so we could see his smiling face (and update his daily Instagram account).

We hopped on our plane and settled in. ¬†I stole J’s Bose headphones to watch Boyhood¬†while he worked some, and then managed to keep them the rest of the flight while watching the last three episodes of How I Met Your Mother, knowing that I’d cry, and I totally did. Ugh. ¬†Loved that show!

Once we landed at LAX, we made our way to our flight’s baggage terminal and met our driver. ¬†We had a driver pick us up! ¬†He had a sign and everything. ¬†I didn’t take a pic of that like Jeff would, BUT, Josh and I joked about it. ūüėČ

Since there was an accident on the freeway, he took us through the side streets to get to our hotel (The Beverly Hilton).  It was a nice little drive, and our driver was really great.  We learned about his normal clients, some of his random clients, how driving started as a side business, and how it became his primary business. We talked about his upcoming trips out of the country, talked about what brought us to LA, etc., and before we knew it we were at the hotel.

We met with our contact at Hilton who arranged everything for the trip (he was amazing by the way!), and he let us know our room wasn’t quite ready yet, so we went to grab lunch at Circa 55. ¬†It was delicious! ¬†We waited around a little longer before we were able to get to our room, and since I was so tired and feeling a little sick (darn sinuses!), I told Josh I was going to take a nap (since he was working). ¬†In an hour and a half, room service came to our room three times, haha! ¬†So much for a nap! ¬†It ended up being fine though – I did get¬†some rest before dinner.

Delivery 1:


Bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries (SO GOOD)

Delivery 2:


Bottle of champagne and chocolate (ALSO VERY GOOD)

Delivery 3:


Bottles of water and two copies of the Grammy 2015 Nominees CD

Lots of goodness delivered to our room in a short period of time! ¬†We started getting excited, still couldn’t believe that we were there! ¬†In Los Angeles! ¬†FOR THE GRAMMY AWARDS!

After lounging in the room, drinking champagne and eating chocolates, we decided we should get ready for dinner. ¬†As fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules, we (and by we, I mean I) originally wanted to go to SUR for dinner, but apparently there was a buy out for the restaurant, and no reservations were available. ¬†Boo! ¬†So we made reservations at the next best location…Villa Blanca! ¬†I love Lisa Vanderpump. ¬†We knew she wouldn’t be there, but figured we’d try it out anyway.

We took an Uber Plus to the restaurant. ¬†It was a short drive, since Villa Blanca isn’t too far from The Beverly Hilton. ¬†It was 6:30 and the place was pretty darn quiet. ¬†Our originally reservation was 5:30, I’m fairly certain it would have been just us there had we gone at that time! ¬†At first we asked to be seated out on the patio, but then sat down and realized they had the heat lamps beaming down on us and it was HOT. ¬†Before our waitress came to our table we asked if we could move inside. They graciously made the move for us and sat us in the back corner next to a table of two couples. ¬†It was still warm inside, but not nearly as hot as being under those lights.

Our waitress, Kirsten, came over to get our drink order and to see if we wanted any appetizers. ¬†Still full off of our lunch at the hotel, Josh and I weren’t super hungry, so we passed on the appetizers. ¬†We settled on our food choices and ordered.

I had the¬†Pan Roasted Atlantic Salmon and Josh ordered the¬†Villa Blanca Fish & Chips. ¬†While we were sitting there talking, I looked up and saw Scheana from Vanderpump Rules! ¬†She was working at Villa Blanca, and working in the section we’d just moved away from. ¬†UGH!

So when our waitress came over with bread, I asked her if it would be really weird to go up to Scheana to talk to her. ¬†She said absolutely not, that she was very friendly and personable, and that she’d send her over to our table. ¬†When she started walking over, I got really nervous, haha. ¬†I told her I was a big fan of the show, and completely forgot everything I wanted to say to her! ¬†She’s one of my favorites, and I wanted to ask about married life, etc., and I totally blew it! ¬†But I did ask if we could take a pic together, and she graciously agreed to. ¬†Thanks Josh for snapping this for me! ¬†ūüôā


So glad we ended up at Villa Blanca!

Dinner came out and the serving sizes were HUGE. ¬†The food was really good, but we couldn’t finish it all. And the thought of dessert…oh my! We. Were. Stuffed.

Paid the check and requested an Uber driver, who was right around the corner.  A quite drive back to the hotel and we were in our room by 8 pm.

Clive Davis was having his pre-Grammy party at the hotel for all the V-VIP of the music industry. ¬†People were lined up in the hotel to try to see musicians walk in, but we weren’t up for it (and by we, I mean I…at this point I felt like I had been hit in the face by a 2×4!). ¬†You really couldn’t see people anyway, so we went to our room.

I quickly got in my PJs, washed my face and crashed!  It was such a long (but fabulous) day.  Knowing we had an even bigger day on Sunday, we needed some sleep!

Thank goodness for comfy hotel beds!

Stay tuned for Part II!

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  1. Katie / Feb 11 2015

    Amy I just went back and read the tweet from last year and all the aftermath…that is SO crazy! I can only imagine what a great time y’all had. And funnily enough, BJ and I are going to an event on Saturday and I’m “renting the runway” too….excited to get my dress and see how it fits! Thanks for reading the blog and commenting – glad to catch up on your blog!

    • Amy / Feb 11 2015

      It was a blast! And I absolutely love RTR! It’s come in handy so many times in the past. ūüôā I’m sure you’ll love your dress! I love the back-up size option, or lower cost second dress – super helpful. Love your blog and the new layout! ūüôā

  2. Rebecca / Feb 12 2015

    How exciting!!!
    I am one of your readers who does not know you personally (I think I found your blog back when you were planning your Australian adventure a few years ago), so thanks for explaining. That is so cool!
    I actually grew up in LA (live in San Francisco area now) and worked in radio for many years and while I have never been to the actual Grammy’s show, I went to one of the rehearsal days and it was SO! MUCH! FUN!
    Can’t wait to hear all about the rest of your trip!

    • Amy / Feb 12 2015

      Hi Rebecca! Thanks for stopping by, and yes, I do think that’s how far back we intersected on the web! ūüôā Oh man, I can’t imagine living there and having never gone (especially working in radio)! Unfortunately, our trip was literally 60 hours — so these two posts cover all but the (delayed) flight home, haha! It was so short, but so much fun!

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