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Jun 30 / Amy

My Cleaning Cutie

This weekend, while we were getting everything pre-heated to start cooking dinner, I decided to bust out the Swiffer Sweep & Trap to clean our hardwood floors.

I’ve used this product a few times, and I’m still iffy on if I like it or not.  Some days it picks up well, other days I have to push it really forcefully to get the little bits up.  I figured it was worth a shot and I’m still giving it a shot before I fully review it.

I will say that B loves it.  Loves. It.

Any time I pull it out of the closet he points to it and says “Ehh…Ehh”, which translated means “Give that to me, now.”  He audibly was upset with me when I didn’t hand it over right away.  I eventually caved and he went around the living room pushing it haphazardly.  He was having fun and out of our hair, so I let him go forth and clean.


So excited to be cleaning? He must get that from his father…


Dragging it behind him…

I got to thinking, “I wonder if there are any kid-size Swiffer type things out there,” so I did what any normal mom does now-a-days, I Googled it.  I came across a toy-sized product from One Step Ahead called My Size Toy Floor Sweeper.  It’s cute, the pad is washable, but really, I like the regular Swiffer pads since I don’t have to wash them (ding, ding, ding, yes, I’m lazy!), so I kept looking.

Then I came across this blog post that literally made me think, “Why didn’t *I* think of that?!”  She just took a regular sized Swiffer (not the Sweep & Trap) and removed the two middle bars.  Genius!

I just so happened to have a regular Swiffer in the closet, so I pulled it out, quickly removed the two center rods, and B was off and running in no time.  He walked around the main floor pushing, pulling, and carrying his new pride and joy around.  He had me cracking up cleaning while carrying his sippy cup by his teeth.

Make sure you get up under the sofa, mmmkay?

Make sure you get up under the sofa, mmmkay?

This is fun, mama!

This is fun, mama!

So now, the next time I need to clean the floor I can give B his and let him help out.  At 17 months, it’s time he starts earning his keep anyway. 😉

This is a lot of work!  I need to drink some water!

This is a lot of work! I need to drink some water!

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