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Jun 11 / Amy

Word to the Wise Wednesday: What not to say to your pregnant wife

Who knows if I’ll really keep this up, but hey, it sounded catchy!   Today’s WttWW is: What not to say to your pregnant wife.  (Note: No, I am not pregnant again.  Whew.)


I kept this list on my phone while I was pregnant, and came across it when I backed this up before a total restore a couple weeks ago.  Josh, you knew this blog post was coming…


  1. “You look like Humpty Dumpty.”
  2. “You look like a roly poly.”
  3. When walking into a room: “Hey, hey, hey!” (said Fat Albert style)
  4. “You look like the Kool-Aid man.”
  5. “You’re moving like a Galapagos turtle.”
  6. “You reminded me of a hippopotamus in heat.”
  7. “You’re a big ball of no fun. Literally.”
  8. “We’re going to take you down to audition for Big Momma 3.”
  9. “You look like you need another doughnut…”
  10. “You look like a Christmas ornament.”
I might give him this stomach in this shirt did kind of resemble an ornament...

I might give him this one…my stomach in this shirt did kind of resemble an ornament…


Yes ladies, Josh is still alive after all of those comments. 🙂  My payback was going to be the blog post, it’s just long overdue.  He’s lucky I love him, and that he’s so darn cute. 😉


So…what are things your spouse/partner might have said to while pregnant that you wanted to backhand them for?  Share in the comments section below!

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