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Aug 5 / Amy

Six(ish) months in

It’s hard to believe that it has been a little over six months since B entered the world. Man, people weren’t lying when they said time would fly! I mean, how is it already August??

I’ve been pretty slack when it comes to blogging, but I spend all of my weekdays working and all of my weeknights spending time with B and Josh, and getting ready for the next day once B goes to sleep. The weekends are dedicated to spending as much time as possible with my boys. This may or may not include never putting B down to sleep during the day – I’ll totally veg out and take a nap with him cuddled up on me. Laundry needs to be done? It can wait.* Need to clean the bathrooms? It can wait.* I know in the years to come he won’t want to snuggle up, so I’m taking advantage of it now, while he can’t say anything about it! 😉

The past six months have been amazing. Watching B grow and learn new things every day has been a lot of fun. Every month I think “This is the best age” and then the next month I feel the same way. Now that he’s become even more interactive and aware, he’s constantly cracking us up!

From him shaking his head to where it looks like he’s saying no to him leaning back and ‘banging’ his head on his chair while we’re eating dinner when he’s bored. Or his little toothy grin when you make a funny face at him to him leaning forward with an open mouth to your cheek when you ask for a kiss. I absolutely adore this little guy. Both Josh and I can’t imagine our life without him, and barely remember life before him. Except for getting more sleep…we still recognize we had that before him. 😉 It’s been completely worth it though.

We’re six months in, and I couldn’t be happier with this whole parenting gig.



*Or Josh will get it done. I love that man – he’s so good to me. 🙂

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