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May 16 / Amy

Favorite Baby Products – Part I

Since having little man, I’ve had a couple months of sorting through different baby products.  I know in the grand scheme, there’s plenty more to learn, but I figured I’d blog about the items that I’ve really enjoyed thus far.  Plus, I have a few pregnant friends that have been asking me about certain products – so I wanted to put my thoughts in one spot!

To start, I figured I’d talk about the phone apps that helped keep my sanity during the first few weeks/months.  In Part II, I’ll get into actual products from our registry (and ones we picked up that weren’t)!

Phone Apps

Sleepy Sounds

On the night B was born, he cried.  A lot.  We were at a loss what to do when Justin Timberlake music stopped working.  I remembered someone mentioning “white noise” as something that would help sooth babies, so I frantically downloaded several white noise apps from the app store.  Sleepy Sounds (free version) ended up being our favorite app.  It was (is) B’s kryptonite.  When he would start crying, but couldn’t quite convert over to sleep, we’d turn this app on and let it run.  You can use the timer function for up to 99 minutes, and it’ll gradually get quieter before time is up so there’s no jarring sound change for the baby OR you can let it run indefinitely.  I’ve used both functions. 🙂  It worked so well on my phone, I had Josh download it onto his Android phone, so we’d both be armed with tools to help B calm down!

Links:  App websiteiTunes | Android

Sleepy Sounds home screen

Sleepy Sounds app

Milk Maid

The name of this app made me laugh, who wouldn’t?  When you’re attached to a pump, you kind of feel like a cow (not going to lie to you folks!).  I had no interest in actually breastfeeding, but figured I’d give pumping a try at the last minute (I was planning on formula feeding from the get-go).  B still got the “good stuff” and I wasn’t the sole person responsible for feeding him at all times of the day, and that in itself made pumping completely worth it!

This app allows you to track all of your pumping sessions, and catalog the amounts you produce throughout the day.  You can combine bottles with the app, show which amounts are in the fridge vs. freezer vs. en route (if you pump at work or while out), etc.  I found this app when B was 2 weeks old, and it actually made pumping more fun (for me) because I could see statistics and the actual totals over time that I pumped.  You can time each side separately, and even export the data if you want to use it for something.

All in all, an excellent app!

Milk Maid home screen

Milk Maid app

Total Baby

I found Total Baby the day B turned 2 months old.  I was looking for something that would help me keep track of the number of diaper changes he was having in a day.  Just surviving the day, I couldn’t tell you how many times I’d changed him…and it’s ALWAYS something they ask at the doctor!

This app does way more than just track diaper changes, my friends, it tracks EVERYTHING.  Diaper changes, feedings, baths, play time, medication, sleep, doctor’s visits (including a place to chart weight, length, vaccines), allergies, milestones, and you can even keep a diary of important events (and you can add photos).

I love having data, so this quickly became my daily app once I stopped pumping.  However, they also have a way to track pumping sessions, in addition to everything else, so it truly could be your one-stop app should you choose to try it out.  The down side is that it’s only available on the Apple iOS platform.

Links: App website | iTunes

Total Baby app

Total Baby app


Obviously, this isn’t a baby app, but it’s been great to have on your phone.  I’m constantly taking photos of B (I’ve filled up my phone storage at least 10 times since he’s been born with video and pictures).  I like the filters on there, and the ease of use.  B has his own Instagram account, so we do a daily photo on there as well.  Plus, there are several cool sites that can print products using your Instagram photos like Foxgram and CanvaspopWe have used both and were happy with the results!  I’ll share pics of our most recent Canvaspop purchase when I get the final photos of B’s nursery together!

Links: App website | iTunes | Android

I love having a daily photo in one spot to see how B changes!

B’s Instagram account – I may or may not scroll through the photos from the past daily. 😉


Again, not a baby specific app – but I’ve used it a few times for side by side comparison photos of me and B (our baby photos side by side) and photos of B that we’ve taken each month.  Easy to use, if you don’t have it – download it today!

Links: App website | iTunes | Android

Side-by-side with Diptic

Side-by-side with Diptic


Those are my favorite apps for now – am I missing out on any great ones?  If so, please share in the comments section!  I love me some apps, so if you love ’em, I’ll probably download them!

And stay tuned for Part II!


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