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Jul 21 / Amy

“If I had a million dollars…

…I’d be rich!”

On Monday night I made the drive to the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater to check out the bands of The Last Summer on Earth tour, which consisted of 90’s bands Cracker, Big Head Todd & the Monsters, Blues Traveler, and Barenaked Ladies (BNL).

For those of you that don’t know me that well, BNL has always had a special place in my heart as one of my favorite bands.  My first concert was in high school and it was to go see BNL.  Counting this concert, I’ve seen them 4 times.  I’ll say that their older stuff is by far the best compared to their newer albums – but there are a few gems in the newer ones.

I tagged along with some of my former Beta Sigma advisor friends, and we had great seats for the show.  Considering they were $21 each, we were pretty happy!

Ready for the music!

The view from our seats

We got there a little late, so we missed Cracker (I had to look them up to remember the one song I knew by them – “Low”).  We took our seats and waited for Big Head Todd & the Monsters to come on (I also had to look them up).  They were alright, but to be honest, I really only went to see BNL.  Blues Traveler followed, and they were definitely entertaining.  It was pretty cool to see John Popper play the harmonica in person – so talented!

Blues Traveler on stage

And then it was time to see BNL.  The last time I saw them was in 2006 – when the band was whole.  Knowing that Steven Page left BNL in 2009, I was really worried about how well they would be on stage.  I haven’t really liked their albums post Page’s departure, they’re alright, but they’re not the same – so I stick to the older stuff.

They came out and performed a song I wasn’t as familiar with, but then followed with The Old Apartment, a favorite.  For the most part they played the “good stuff” and I’ve included the set list below (with links to YouTube if you want to listen along).

Barenaked Ladies on stage

I fully prepared to state that if “I Had a Million Dollars…” I’d bring Steven Page back, but BNL as a foursome didn’t disappoint.  The crowd was very much into the show and I left feeling quite happy – especially after Ed Robertson’s “Barenaked Rap”. It was a good time, even if it meant getting home at midnight (wow does that make me sound old or what?).  Hopefully it won’t be another six years before I see them again!

Set list from BNL’s time on stage at The Last Summer on Earth tour:

Every Subway Car
The Old Apartment
It’s All Been Done
Blame It On Me (Acoustic)
You Run Away
Falling For The First Time
Too Little Too Late
Pinch Me
Big Bang Theory Theme
One Week [This is the song that introduced me to BNL!]
If I Had a $1,000,000 [This song inspired the post title]
Barenaked Rap [Very similar, if not exact to the one we experienced]

Tonight is the Night I Fell Asleep at the Wheel

[#41 of #52]

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  1. Tricia / Jul 21 2012

    Fantastic! I’m a big fan of BNL as well – glad y’all had fun! 🙂

    • Amy / Jul 22 2012

      It was so much fun!

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