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Mar 18 / Amy

I. Hate. Woodpeckers.

Before we even moved into our house back in January, we walked into our dining room and saw a hole that wasn’t there when we did our walk-through.

This hole definitely stopped us in our tracks.

We were certain some teenage kids shot something through the wall of our house or that it’d been struck by lightning (except the circle was too perfect).

The hole on the left is about the size of a baseball!

The weekend we moved in, my dad helped us out by patching up the wall, which has now been painted over – so you can’t tell it was even there to begin with.

After a few days in the house, we quickly learned that it was neither.  We heard the pecking our first weekend in the house, and quickly ran outside to scare them away.  It seemed for a few weeks that we were fine, after moving the fake plastic owl around and throwing some moth balls in the yard.  Both of our moms have done research into how we can get rid of them and what they’re attracted to (bugs, carpenter bees/ants, or they’re just trying find a mate).

With the weather going back and forth temperature wise, it might have been deterring them from coming out.  Last weekend, while Josh was out of town, I heard some pecking, but after beating on the closet wall where it was coming from, it stopped.

Well, on Friday afternoon, Josh left work a little early since he’s been working like crazy and didn’t get a weekend off from being at SXSW.  As he pulled up into our driveway, he heard pecking.  A small woodpecker was going to town on the front of our house.  Grr.

Small hole = small woodpecker

When he walked around to the side of our house, he saw a big woodpecker going to town on the side of our house (outside of our closet).

Big woodpecker = big hole

He tried screaming, making noise, waving his arms, and while it flew away for a few minutes, as soon as he walked back towards the garage, it came back.  Josh texted me a picture of the side of the house while I was at work, so I was on guard when I drove home.  As I approached our house, there was the small woodpecker on the front wall.  I started honking my horn trying to scare it (my horn is much scarier sounding than Josh’s, by the way) but I only managed to scare Josh, since I didn’t know he was in the garage.

The noise didn’t faze the bird at all.

It wasn’t until I ran up to it that it flew away.  What a pain.  We filled its hole with a stick for now, and vowed we were going to The Home Depot in the morning to take care of business.

Saturday morning we were awaken by the tap-tap-tap-tap-tap outside of our closet.  I was so nervous about the crazy bird coming through our closet, since we’ve already had one bust through our living room.  After yelling, screaming, beating on the wall, and spraying the bird (and the side of our house) with a water hose, we were off to the big orange box to get supplies.

We ended up with spinning shiny objects, garden décor that moves, and plant hangers to drill into the side of a few trees near the side of the house that keeps getting attacked.  We spent the afternoon putting object up around the house, Josh covered the hole the big woodpecker started (we still need to get the small one taken care of), and he sprayed the holes in our deck that the carpenter bees have made.  We were exhausted, but we ventured down to IKEA to get a rug for the dining room and to look at options for TV stands for the family room.  By this point, I was exhausted and feeling pretty grumpy, add in the fact that I hate IKEA, and I was ready to get home to relax.

This morning, right at 8 am, tap-tap-tap-tap-tapWhat. The. Crap.

Josh ran over to the closet, beat on the wall, and put his shoes on to go outside.  The woodpecker left and didn’t come back while we were home.

We had Josh’s mom, Granny, and Jerry come down to see the house, and his mom brought several shiny objects that spin in the wind.  Once we gave the tour of the house, Josh’s mom went outside and started hanging the rainbow colored items.  Josh pulled out the ladder and hung a few on the side of the house too.

We have 5 of these around the house now!

We also strategically placed some holographic pinwheels at the front and back of the house.  So now we wait, and pray, that it’ll help.  My dad looked up options online and found a bird deterrent that cost around $200, but after reading reviews online, don’t think we want it as it appears to be really loud and might annoy our neighbors.  It may come to that though, or vinyl siding.  We’ll see.

Have any of you ever dealt with woodpeckers at your house?  What’d you do to get rid of them??  We need help!


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