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Feb 4 / Amy

Australia: Day 8, Golf with Roos

Today was the earliest morning we’d had since we’d been in Australia.  We woke up at 6:15 am, this time on purpose!  We had a tee time to make!

We woke up, had breakfast, got dressed, and made our way towards the Anglesea Golf Club.  To be honest, I’m not a golfer, but Josh is, and this day was 90% for him (10% for me so I could get close to kangaroos again).  Anglesea Golf Club is known for their kangaroos.  We’re not talking a few kangaroos, we’re talking over 100 kangaroos that hop around the course.

Anglesea Golf Club

When we arrived, we believed that we’d be playing 18 holes, but when we made it into the Pro Shop, we learned that non-members can only play 9 holes on a Saturday.  We rented a golf cart, two sets of clubs, and we were on our way – starting on the 10th hole.  Our golf plan was for Josh to hit the ball down to the green, and I’d putt.  Except, we just put another ball down near where he was putting from, so he could accurately keep his score.  The man takes golf seriously.

Golf among kangaroos

There were LOTS of ‘roos on the course, and lots of ‘roo poo.  You really couldn’t take a step near the greens without seeing it (or stepping in it)!  As we were riding around, we were able to get close to some kangaroos, while some decided they didn’t like the cart.  Had we realized that we were only going to be on 9 holes, we probably would have walked the course instead of renting a cart, so that the kangaroos didn’t hop away as we approached.

No kangaroos were harmed in this moment – I’m simply posing for a photo!

Over the 9 holes, we saw so many ‘roos!  There were some that were fighting, some that were growling, some that were chilling.  Josh was really excited to be that close to kangaroos, and couldn’t believe that he was standing among them taking shots!  At one point, one of his drives landed in a crowd of about eight kangaroos laying on the fairway.  When we pulled up, they looked at us and went back to what they were doing.  It was a very cool experience! Unfortunately, during the time on the course, my DSLR died (I can’t believe I forgot to check the battery!), so I had to use our point and shoot for half of the time.

What are you looking at??

We finished up around 9:30 am and went back to the Pro Shop so Josh could buy some souvenirs.  He and the Pro Shop guy (not sure what his official title would be) talked golf for a few minutes, discussing different tournaments, etc.  The guy was really friendly, and it was a nice end to the morning.

Josh after an amazing golf experience!

[ Note: For those of you wondering, Josh shot a 42 – 6 over par. In his defense, he had to play in meters instead of yards, and he wasn’t using his own clubs. 🙂 ]

We hopped into the van and we were off to Kilcunda!  Josh drove for the first part of the day, and I offered to switch off before we hit Melbourne, so I could drive through the city.  He was cool with driving, just not in highly populated areas.  Unfortunately, we ran out of places to stop before we hit the city, so he was stuck behind the wheel.  It was slightly humorous, but I could tell he was frustrated – especially when the GPS unit informed us that he was over the speed limit (minorly) 16 times during our drive. [Note: We also received a charge on my credit card last week for a toll issue that occurred in the same stretch of his driving. I’m not sure exactly what the issue was, only that it was related to a toll, I really should look into that…]

Once we made it through, Josh pulled off at a “rest and revive” stop so we could make a sandwich and switch off on the driving duty.  Not too long after making it through Melbourne, we arrived in Kilcunda.

We stayed at the Kilcunda Oceanview Holiday Retreat in a powered lot.  The view from our parking spot was beautiful – you could see right to the ocean!  We parked and left the doors open while we relaxed for a little while.  I fell asleep listening to the sounds of the ocean, with the warmth of the sun creeping in through the window.  I’m not one to take naps, but this one was perfect.

What a view!

When I woke up, I went back to the office to get our receipt for our stay.  The owner told me that all the shops in the area closed at 2 pm for the holiday, so we would need to drive to Wonthaggi before their stores closed at 5 pm.  The restaurant across the street would be open for the evening, which was an option for dinner.  We knew we needed to get a few more supplies since the next two days were holidays and places would be closed, so we quickly hit the road.  The first store we saw was an Aldi, so we pulled the van in and set off to get some food.  Steaks, ice cream, ham, and soda made their way into our cart.

As we made our way back to our parking spot for the night, Josh started looking up things to do in Sydney, we were both looking forward to arriving in the city!  An hour or two later, after a walk down on the beach, we walked over to Meikle’s Ocean View Bistro for dinner (Josh had Fish & Chips, I had a Porterhouse steak with mushroom gravy – delish!).

Pre-dinner beach walk photo

Loved Kilcunda!

We attempted to find some TV channels on the tube before heading down to the beach to take some sunset photos (again!).  There were some beautiful cloud formations in the sky, and it was by far my favorite evening on the beach – and I took one of my favorite shots of the trip.

An amazing sunset on the beach

The tide started coming, so we left the beach to head back to the van since it was getting darker.  In looking out the window, there were more interesting looking clouds, so I went back outside to try and take a few more photos and noticed that it was starting to sprinkle – the first rain of our trip.  I came back to the van, where we had no luck with finding channels on the TV, so Josh pulled out the iPad and we watched Anchorman (again).  I opted to get ready for bed and went to the communal bathroom to wash my face, when I noticed lightning in the distance.  I encouraged Josh to go brush his teeth, and I’m glad that I did!

Shortly after he returned, the lightning started getting closer and more frequent, and then the rain started pouring.  I’ll say that I was a bit nervous being parked in a van, that was plugged into an electrical outlet in the midst of a strong thunderstorm, but Josh assured me that we’d be fine.

The storm passed and I was finally able to fall asleep, that is until the next storm came in from the ocean.  Lightning lit up the sky like the 4th of July and the thunder was incredibly loud!  The storm was so powerful, it took out the power for the entire park.  It was pretty intense and it was pitch black outside, aside from the lightning.  I’m not entirely certain what time the second storm rolled through, but I know it was in the middle of the night and I was tired.  So tired, that I managed to fall asleep in the middle of the storm – and we didn’t wake up again until the power returned and the air conditioning started back up later the next morning.


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  1. Jamie / Feb 5 2012

    Looks like you guys had a great time!

    • Amy / Feb 5 2012

      We did! I love going back looking at the photos. Still have a week left to edit and post about!

  2. Nomadic Samuel / Feb 9 2012

    I’ve always really wanted to experience golfing in Australia. Nothing like having kangaroos on the course 🙂

    • Amy / Feb 9 2012

      It was so much fun! Definitely worth it!

  3. Ayngelina / Feb 12 2012

    I have never seen kangaroos and I’m kinda afraid of them. To have been on the course would have sent me running!

    • Amy / Feb 12 2012

      These kangaroos seemed to be pretty open to humans around them. The golf carts stated that you shouldn’t approach them, but they’d let you get near them if you needed to take a shot. Very cool to get so close!

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