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Nov 26 / Amy

Thirty Days of Thankfulness

Last year, I joined the crowd on Facebook and posted a daily status message for things that I’m thankful for.  This year, I decided I wanted to make a blog post out of it. So here are thirty things that I’m thankful this year – one for each day of the month.

  1. My wonderful husband, Josh.  I’m so lucky to have met him and have him in my life.  His silly behavior makes me laugh (most of the time) and cheers me up if I’m down in the dumps.
  2. My supportive parents, who have my back on just about everything.
  3. My brother, who brings humor into a lot of situations, and my sister-in-law, who has somehow managed to keep him in line.
  4. My in-laws. Josh’s family is wonderful, and I’m glad we were able to have them, along with my family over for Thanksgiving this year.

    Our family on Thanksgiving

  5. My fabulous friends, who are there whenever I need them.  I love my gals and gals.
  6. The 409’ers. Who would have thought that I would have met such a great group of women on The Knot by chance, all planning our weddings for April 2009.  The fact that we’re still a part of each other’s lives daily has been a great deal of fun.
  7. Our two gray cats, Runner and Birdie, who bring us entertainment daily!
  8. My job – I enjoy going to work every day, which is important!
  9. Josh’s job – He’s happy at work doing things that he loves.
  10. Financial stability. Not only do we love our jobs, they provide us the ability to have nice things and do things that we enjoy.
  11. Mercer University. I know I’ve said it on here before, but I really feel going to school at Mercer led me to a lot of wonderful things in my life. Not only did a get a great education, but I met a lot of great people and had some pretty fantastic experiences that I still carry with me today.
  12. The ability to travel. While we aren’t jetsetting every weekend, we’ve had the opportunity to go places that we’ve wanted to see and have plans for many more over the rest of our lives.  And pretty soon, Josh and I will be heading to Australia for a couple weeks to explore and I’ll get to share with him a country that I love.
  13. I’m thankful for the internet. Without it, I wouldn’t really have a job, nor would I be able to keep in touch with friends and family as easily as I can now!
  14. Digital cameras – I have years and years worth of photos that can instantly take me back to a moment in time.  Without them, I would have spent A LOT of money on film by now…
  15. Book Club – I never thought I’d join a book club, but I’m glad I did.  Not only have I been introduced to some interesting reads (and some not so interesting ones too), but I’ve met a great group of girls that I enjoy hanging out with talking about books and life in general.
  16. Living in the South.  Having travelled around the US, I’ve come to appreciate the little things about living in the south.  Sweet tea, southern accents, and the more polite interactions with others.
  17. Lazy Saturdays/Sundays. So often Josh and I have something to do on the weekend, it’s days like today when I love staying in my PJ’s past noon, playing online, watching football, and just enjoying the time we have together – even if we’re not really doing anything at all.
  18. Music – It has the ability to change my mood instantaneously depending on the tunes.  Like photos, music also has the ability to take me back to that night heading home from the club, blaring Cascada at the top of my lungs, or that time we were practicing our first dance for our wedding.  Music frequently connects to moments or people in my life – past or present.
  19. Life lessons.  While I might not have appreciated them in the moment, nor have I had the most difficult life experiences, they’ve helped me learn about myself, who I want to be, and who I don’t want to be, and helped shaped me to be the person I am now, and will help shape me to become the person I was meant to be.
  20. Freedom. Living in the land of the free and the home of the brave is something that I do cherish. I might not always agree with political moves that take place in our great nation, but I will always take pride in our freedom, and give thanks to those military men and women that protect it so fiercely and dutifully every day.

    Photo taken at Pearl Harbor

  21. Modern day appliances. I’m sitting here listening to the washing machine and dryer run, and I’m thankful that we have tools that make washing clothes so much easier than doing it by hand. Call me lazy, but technology advancements that led to where we are today are something I’m very thankful for!
  22. Having a roof over our heads.  Right now we’re renting, but we’re in the process of buying our first home (and will hopefully have the keys in January!). It’s an exciting and nerve-wracking time period, but more on that will be posted later!
  23. The four seasons. The different times of year bring different times of beauty.  While I might prefer fall and spring, having summer and winter spices things up each year.  I do appreciate it when fall lasts longer, and 70 degree temperatures exist in November!  Wonder if that means winter will go further into 2012 than usual…
  24. My health. To date, I’ve never really had any major illnesses or injuries – and I’m thankful for that.
  25. That my parents raised me to be a good, responsible person.  It’s disturbing to see how kids growing up act, and I’m grateful that my parents raised me to have some sense about myself and how to behave in public!
  26. My iPhone. I can call or text people if I have a question.  I can play games (alone or with friends), I can listen to music, I can take pictures, I can find my way if I’m lost, etc. These powerful little gadgets make me wonder how we lived without them not too long ago!
  27. A dependable vehicle that gets me from Point A to Point B.  Miss Molly may not be the fanciest car out there, and some people might make jokes about people who own Mustangs, but I love my little car and the memories made driving around in it.
  28. The past.  Without the past, we wouldn’t be where we are today.
  29. The present.  Thankful that I have the opportunity to make every day count, and make it count for something.
  30. The future.  While it’s not guaranteed, the promise of it existing is powerful.  2011 has been a wonderful year, and I’m thankful for that, but I can’t help but look forward to what 2012 will bring us.


So those are some of the things that I’m thankful for this year, how about you?  What have you been thankful for this year?


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