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Oct 4 / Amy

A Dream Come True

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve always had a slight obsession with Australia.  Growing up, I always wanted to go there.  It was a unique country in my eyes, and I would spend many years figuring out how I would make a trip there.

In addition to that, I’ve always enjoyed New Years Eve.  The fireworks, the celebration, etc., it’s beautiful!  It’s about saying goodbye to the past, and hello to the future and what’s to come.

It’s no secret that if given the opportunity, I’d jump on a plane and head to Australia.  If you’re reading this, you most likely know me, and know that ever since I spent a year abroad, I’ve been trying to get back. 🙂

When Josh and I got married, my one stipulation before we attempted to start trying having kids was that I wanted to go back to Australia, preferably for New Years Eve (Josh’s stipulation was that we own a home instead of renting).  In talking with other parents, travel like that just doesn’t happen as often as you might like once you have children – at least for awhile.  So I wanted to make sure it was something that was a priority.  And it’s happening (the trip that is), it’s really happening!  We are less than 80 days away from our departure and most everything is taken care of, whew!

I’ve been planning this trip for quite some time now and I’m pretty sure I’ve driven Josh crazy with my slightly ridiculous planning tendencies.  Knowing it’s one of the peak seasons in Australia, I had to plan ahead, and needed to be on top of my game.  The latest item was making sure we were at the perfect location for viewing the fireworks.  From my weekend in Sydney while studying abroad, I knew I wanted to be right next to the Harbour to view the fireworks on New Years Eve, and the perfect place to do this would be at The Opera Bar.


Where we'll say hello to 2012!

I emailed them ages ago asking about plans, which had yet to be determined, but they added me to an email list for future notifications about tickets.  In stalking their Facebook page, their statuses recently were around signing up for the opportunity to get tickets ahead of the public sale.  This was it!  I knew I had to get my tickets in the pre-sale to ensure I had them.  I may or may not have begged other friends to sign up for the email as well, so if it came during the middle of the night and they were awake, they could text me. 😉

This morning at 12:30 am EST, my inbox received an email with a link to purchase tickets.  At 12:49 am, I received a text from one of the fabulous 409’ers stating she’d received her email and that I needed to wake up and get my tickets!  By 12:53 am, I’d successfully made the purchase and received a receipt at 12:54 am.  Josh and I got tickets and we’ll be spending NYE in the beautiful Sydney Harbour!  AH!!!!  I’m incredibly stoked still.  I could barely fall asleep last night with the adrenaline pumping due to my excitement.  I may be a little sleepy today, but it was well worth it, because now I can sleep easy knowing that we’ll be experiencing 2012 from one of the most amazing vantage points in Sydney.

If this is what welcoming 2011 looked like, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2012!

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