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Apr 28 / Amy

Letters to William & Kate as well as the Media

Dear William & Kate,

First off, let me begin by saying, best wishes to you in your new life together.  Marriage is great, and I remember what it was like walking down the aisle to meet Josh two years ago, to join our lives as one.  It’s an exciting time that I find to be intimate for both parties involved – unfortunately, that’s not the case for you.

I feel bad that the media is hounding people for details, trying to find out secrets for the day of.  I find it ridiculous that people are making ridiculous crap with your likenesses on it (and that people are buying it).  I find it hysterical the amount of people that feel like this is something that will impact their life, that message boards have been created and are dedicated to constant updates about your processional path, the dress, the food, etc.  And seriously, people are commenting on your guest list?  Who cares that you didn’t invite President Obama – I didn’t invite my parents’ random co-workers either.  It seems as if it’s a crazy ass circus that you’re living in.

I suppose you’ve grown used to it over the years William, and Kate, you’ve gotten a taste of it since being with William.  I imagine it’s only going to get worse over the years.  Good luck with that.  I don’t feel entirely too bad though, because, you know, you’re royalty, which comes with a lot of perks.

I hope you have a wonderful wedding (because I’d never wish a bad wedding day on anyone) but I won’t be watching any of the coverage.  It’s far too early in the morning for me, and frankly, I really don’t care.



OMG, they released a new photo today!

Dear TV Media,

Please tell me that there will be other options for television viewing on Friday morning.  I don’t care to watch the wedding, I think people that are entirely obsessed with the whole thing are slightly scary.

Will I look at the pictures after the fact?  Yes, because I love looking at wedding photos – no matter who got married.

Do I think just because a Prince is getting married I should give up valuable sleep or become overly excited about something that will not affect me whatsoever?  No.

The girl that’s ready for the Royal Wedding to be over with

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  1. Nalini / Apr 28 2011

    haha! so with you there ames!

  2. Megan / Apr 28 2011

    hear, hear… I’m ready for it to be over too. I hate that my morning television is all about the wedding. I’d like GMA to go back to giving me actual news and fashion/cooking/etc. tips 🙂

    However, I will attempt to wake up at 6 am to watch herself walk up the aisle.

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