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Jul 14 / Amy

Oh, crap.

On Friday, I was about to head out of town for girls weekend, and Josh asked me if I could get B down for a nap (he usually naps better for me).  So we went into our bedroom (because he typically naps in our bed) and we were having some issues with the DVD player not working, which would impact B’s nap time. (We fall asleep watching Cars at nap time – yes, I said ‘we’ – I still “sleep when the baby sleeps” if at all possible!)

Something happened with the TV and/or DVD player, and I said “Oh, crap.”

Like a parrot, B repeated, “Oh, crap.” CRAP!

I tried telling him that I said “Oh snap”, but he wasn’t buying it. I decided to drop it, rather than reinforce that I didn’t particularly care for him to say that phrase.

On Sunday, we were cruising the produce section at the grocery store and I was checking out the heads of broccoli (which looked super sad, by the way). When I leaned over, my cell phone fell in between the edge of the fridge and the baskets holding the broccoli.

B blurts out (unprompted, as I didn’t react at all), you guessed it, “Oh, crap.” Awesome.

I looked around to see if there were any people silently judging me, but I think I was in the clear.

Fast forward to this morning…

Josh was loading B up in the car this morning, and B dropped his toy car.

“Oh, crap.”

*hangs head*

Josh of course texted me after the exchange took place.

Looks like B officially has a new phrase, but I still stand by the fact that it could be a LOT worse.



Nap time with Josh results in a nap on his chair...

Nap time with Daddy results in falling asleep on his chair…

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