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Jun 4 / Amy

Bedtime Stories

Ah…bedtime.  It’s one of my favorite (and sometimes least favorite) parts of the day.

After we get B into his pajamas, there’s a normal “I wanna pay [play]” battle before I corral him into my lap to read a few books before bed.

Over time, the books change, and sometimes he insists on getting a different book from one of his bookshelves, to include in the evening story time.  I usually cave and let him get a new book.  I just love that he enjoys being read to, and I love it even more when he says that he wants to read it.

I feel like our bedtime process takes forever, so I try to limit it to 4 or 5 books, with one of them being somewhat long, and the others being short.  Sometimes he chills out, and sometimes, he’s just wants to keep talking and playing. 🙂

Our current favorites for bedtime are:

I’m a Monster Truck (Little Golden Book)

B has this one monster truck toy that Gran gave him awhile back, and he loves to play with it.  When we went into Barnes & Noble a month or two ago to use a gift card he’d received from Uncle Brian and Aunt Stephie, he saw the book and wanted to get it.  So we did.

It’s short and sweet. We read it first, because he likes to make the loud monster truck noises/engines revving.  If we read it first, he’s a little more likely to calm down by the time we’re finished with the other books.

Good Morning, Good Night!

This book has come in and out of the bedtime rotation over the past year.  Sometimes he loves it, sometimes he’s not interested.  Lately, every time he sees the cover he starts to sing “Baa Baa Black Sheep” – cracks me up every time.

He used to be really into touching the different animals, but now we focus on counting all of the different items on the page.  Working on getting him to remember 4, 5, and 6 – as he loves to jump straight to 7 after 3. 🙂

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

I’m amazed and how much B likes construction vehicles.  I think it’s mostly from this book.  He can tell you which one is the dump truck and which one is the es-ka-vator when you ask.  It’s a cute book with an easy to memorize rhyme.  I’ve read this thing SO many times, if I hear Josh reading it to him from another room, I can tell you what line comes next.  I might even be able to read it with my eyes shut…

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Kate Toms Series)

And last but not least, we finish up bedtime with a twist of an old favorite.  When B was in his last class at school, they had this book and his teachers told me it was his FAVORITE.  So I went home, found it on Amazon, and bought it for home.  I’m pretty sure we’ve read it every night before bed since.  And where I question if I could recite the above book, I know for a fact that I can with this one, and do it often after we’ve turned off the lights.  I used to read the book, but then one night B turned around and looked at me and said, “Sing, Mama!” and from that point on it’s his request that I sing instead of read.  I’ll take advantage of him not realize I can’t carry a tune in a bucket and will sing to bring a smile to his face.

Again, these are just B’s current favorites.  I spent some time making a list of all the books in his library, many of which have been bedtime books at one point or another.  There are very few books on that list that we don’t love, and they’re all linked to Amazon* if you want to check them out for yourselves.

What do you read for bedtime?  Any books that you’d highly recommend?  I love adding to his collection, so please share your favorites!

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  1. Jason Read / Jun 6 2015

    At three months, we aren’t doing bedtime stories quite yet. But his favorite book seems to be Peekaboo Forest right now. It’s a cloth book with crinkle pages that reveal animals.

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