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Mar 9 / Amy

Warm Weekend Fun

Oh my, can I just say that we had a BEAUTIFUL weekend? After weeks of cold and wet weather, hitting the upper-sixties with bright blue skies was amazing! And knowing that it snowed on Friday morning makes the weather jump even crazier. I guess that’s Georgia weather for you!

It’s going to rain pretty much all this week though, so I’m going to keep what a great weekend we had in mind, and just get through the blah.

On Saturday, Josh finished installing B’s new bookshelf. In the past two years, B has accumulated a large number of books and they were spilling out from the IKEA shelves we initially installed. We had to do something, and fast. We’d had our eye on some bookshelves at Pottery Barn Kids (originally the 4-shelf, followed by the 3-shelf), but put off buying them for some reason. Josh, ever tired of clutter, went ahead and bought the Madison 3-shelf Bookrack and it came in last week.

B helped put it together, so adorably cute.

Let's put this together!

Let’s put this together!

Then Josh anchored it to the wall in B’s bedroom.

Our little reader

Our little reader

We quickly, and easily filled the shelf up…and still have more books on the old IKEA shelves. 🙂

B went to a birthday party, which was a lot of fun. He enjoyed running around after the older kids, and he was definitely worn out. After he crashed for the day, I got to cheer on my Mercer Bears vs. VMI in the SoCon Quarterfinals.

Sunday, we were supposed to have our big family photo shoot with Ashlee Culverhouse, but due to illness of a family member, we had to reschedule. So we did what made sense to us, got ready and went to Waffle House. Love a Sunday morning at WaHo!

Waffle.  Yummy.

Waffle. Yummy.

Once home, we hung out and played around the house. And then we tackled our newest photo project.

Since B has had an Instagram account since Day 1, with a photo for every day of his life, we have a lot of photos of him. 🙂 Josh discovered Foxgram one day, and we’ve been big fans of the site since. Most recently, Josh ordered 100 4×4 prints from B’s account and had them shipped to our house.

They sat around until I went searching on Amazon for 4×4 pictures frames, and luckily, I came across the perfect one: Umbra Gridart 16-Opening Picture Frame. Since we had 100 printed photos, I ordered three frames.

I laid out the pictures as to how I wanted them in the grids, and used the background that came with the pictures as a template for where to place the photos. Yay for double-sided tape and an iPad to keep B entertained while I placed the photos for all three frames.

Making progress...

Making progress…

Josh and I were really happy with how they turned out.



Josh hung them in the hallway for me, and now we have a few more things on our walls, so they don’t look so bare. 🙂

On the wall

On the wall

A nap soon followed, then helping Josh with yard work outside, and spending more time hanging out, enjoying the rest of what was left of this beautiful two days together.

Yay for yard work!

Yay for yard work!

Here’s to wonderful spring weather being here full time, and giving us time to enjoy it before the heat of summer sweeps in!
What’d you do this weekend? How’s the weather where you are? And who is ready for next weekend to be here already? 😉

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