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Feb 27 / Amy

Snow Much Fun!

Georgia is hit or miss when it comes to winter every year. Yes, we get the cold temps, but we don’t always get snow.

Last year, we got (what we) consider a lot of snow. Let me preface, I realize to other parts of the States, what we call a lot, isn’t really a lot. I get it. We also don’t have the equipment to handle really large amounts of snow since we never get a ton, so when it accumulates, it’s a big deal.  This year we got some snow…but not nearly as much as last year.

This week, B and I stayed home on Tuesday with the threat of potential snow/ice, only to get a little snow. The roads where we live were fine. Then Wednesday, there was a threat of even more snow and definite icy roads. With that threat, schools and day care centers closed, so we stayed home on Wednesday.

It started snowing around 2 pm, just light flurries, and then it started coming down heavy. Of course, B was asleep during this first snow fall, so I hoped it’d start up again.

Thankfully it did!

We went outside when the snow started falling, and while we were hanging out in the driveway, it started coming down heavier. We were all giddy with excitement.

I sent Josh back inside to get the sled his mom gave B for Christmas, so we could go down the hills in our yard. Best time ever!

We alternated taking B down the hill on the sled, over and over again. He LOVED it.

Compared to how he responded to the snow last year…it was a huge improvement!

Uncertain about the snow in 2014

Uncertain about the snow in 2014

After sharing the sled with us for awhile, B decided he wanted to go at it alone. As I was sitting on the sled trying to get him to join me, he looked at me, pointed at the sled and said “Get up, Mama!” He’s so independent sometimes…I haven’t the slightest clue where he gets that from. 😉

So we let him sled by himself.

And he had a ball!

Josh started throwing snowballs at our fence, and B decided he wanted in on that action as well.

At first he threw a couple on his own, but then he realized even if he didn’t have snowballs in his hand, if he acted like he was throwing them, something would still hit the fence. I don’t think he realized Josh was behind him tossing snowballs at the fence when he moved his arm, and it was hilarious.

I seriously have at least two minutes of footage, because it was just so funny. And the kid’s laugh. Ah, it melts my heart.

All in all, our snow days were fun. That’s not to say I wasn’t glad that day care was open again on Thursday… 🙂

Here’s to looking forward to our next snow day…hopefully next year. This Mama is ready for Spring to arrive!


What’s your favorite thing to do in the snow? Did you get stuck at home any this winter? Are you ready for Spring? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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