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Dec 9 / Amy


I have to brag, because I’m excited, but mostly because I’m proud.

I brag on Josh on Facebook, share press releases, post articles that reference what he does, you know…typical spousal sharing, but I haven’t really mentioned all of that jazz on my blog, well, because I try not to share too many details so that people that come across this don’t have too many details on our life. Josh is pretty out in the open when it comes to the social realm.

I’m making an exception, again, because I’m proud.

Yesterday, Josh flew to DC for the PR News’ PR People Awards Luncheon (held today), where he was a finalist for the Social Media Professional of the Year. Of all the nominations they received, he made the top five. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!

I never really enjoy when he’s traveling for work, and in this case, I really wished I could have gone with him, but we have this kiddo and all…and dude, did you see the price for a ticket to just the luncheon? Crazy.

I digress.

Today, at approximately (okay, exactly) 1:50, I got a text from Josh to let me know that…

He didn’t win the award… (boo…)

But you know what, he’s done an AMAZING job in his role at Arby’s, and I know he’ll continue to do fantastic things in the digital and social space.  Him being a finalist goes to show that other people notice how amazing he is too.

And in the end, he’s MY social media person of the year, which should be all that really matters in the end. 😉

Love you babe! B and I are more proud of you than you’ll ever know!


Josh and the hat that made him social media famous. :)

Josh, B, and the hat that made him social media famous. 🙂



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