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May 5 / Amy

Playing Catch Up

I know I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again – but keeping up with a blog ain’t easy!

Going on 4 months since my last post, so I figured I’d do a catch-up post. 🙂

In January, B turned one. I’m still amazed that a) time moved THAT fast like everyone says it will and b) we kept him alive for a whole year! (kidding, I figured we’d nail that one).

We threw a sports themed get-together for “our little rookie”. We had everyone come wearing their team colors, took photos, ate food, opened presents, and enjoyed the company of our friends and family.


Unsure about the icing on his cupcake…


*Definitely* not a fan of the icing!

A few days after the party, Atlanta was shut down by a snow storm that brought 1-2 inches of snow. I’d opted to stay home the day it was supposed to hit, thankfully I did! B’s school closed early, all of Atlanta was sent home early, and the roads were a nightmare! Josh ended up having to park a few miles from home and walk home. B wasn’t a fan of the snow, but we had to get pictures of him out in the pretty white stuff.


My boys all bundled up

In February, my brother and sister-in-law had their first child, the adorable PJ! I now have 2 nieces and 1 nephew – yay for being an Aunt!


Proud Papa!


B was NOT a fan of me holding PJ

And if one snow storm wasn’t enough, there was ANOTHER one that kept us stuck at home for a few days. This time we were prepared, and we all stayed home waiting for it to show up. Working from home with a kiddo is not easy. I think it’s safe to say after several days of being at home we were all happy to head back to school and work. 🙂

In March, we celebrated our nephew, W’s, first birthday. I’ll never forget the day he was born – since we were taking cover in our bathroom due to tornado warnings in the area. It was fun celebrating with J’s side of the family and seeing the two boys together again.


B with the birthday boy!


B and I with the birthday boy. 🙂

And in non-kiddo related news, MERCER BEAT DUKE in the first round of the NCAA tournament!!! Once we found out where they’d be playing, Mom and I decided to buy tickets and drive to Raleigh. So glad that we did! It was by far the best basketball game I’ve experienced cheering on the Bears.



While in Raleigh, I also got to see one of my good friends, Larissa, and meet her little girl. It was so great having lunch with her and catching up!


Such a cute little lady!

April brought lots of rain, a wedding, our fifth anniversary, and Easter.

Em got married to Eric, it was a beautiful ceremony and I’m so glad that we were able to join them to celebrate!

With the newlyweds!

With the newlyweds!

Josh and I celebrated being married for five years. Our celebration consisted of Italian take-out on a rainy day. It was quiet and perfect, with a side of screaming toddler. 😉

For Easter we spent time with Josh’s family for the afternoon. B got to hang out with his cousins, and it was fun to watch them run around and play together.

Our Easter cutie

Our Easter cutie

B with his cousins

B with his cousins

Family photo with my loves

Family photo with my loves

And that brings us to May…

Hoping to keep up from here, seriously going to make an effort to post more. We’ll see how that goes!

All for now!

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