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Apr 27 / Amy

Recovery: Day 3 – Goodbye Bright Lights

We woke up after a decent night of sleep when they brought B back to the room.  Since he was supposed to be on the light treatment all night, and we were still pretty exhausted, we let him go to the nursery for the night.The nurse then told us that they were going to test him again to check his jaundice levels, and that we should hear something later in the day.

My brother and sister-in-law got to Atlanta a little late the night before, and since B was on the light treatment and couldn’t come off for more than 30 minutes, they decided that they’d come visit us today instead.

B was still on the light treatment when Brian and Stephanie arrived, so we ended up sitting around talking for a little while.  While they were at the hospital, Josh ran home to check on the cats since they’d been alone since we left the morning I was induced!

Uncle Brian and Aunt Stephanie

Uncle Brian and Aunt Stephanie

Right around lunch, the nurse came in and said that his levels had dropped and that they could take him off the lights.  We were excited that he didn’t have to stay on them too long!  Plus, Brian and Stephanie were chomping at the bits to hold the little guy!

It was time to feed B, so Brian and Stephanie both attempted to get him to eat, but he was not interested at all!  It wasn’t for another hour that he finally decided he was hungry.  After B ate, we hung out some more and Josh came back with lunch.  Birdie had gotten into a few things, and Runner made it clear he was NOT happy being left alone with little surprises around the house…

Once Brian and Stephanie left, Josh and I spent some quiet time in the room.  He went to go get dinner from the cafeteria while I fed B, and while he was gone he saw Hines Ward walking down the hallway.  Random encounter!

We decided that since it was our last night in the hospital, we’d keep B with us.  We had to get used to having him around while we were attempting to sleep, so we figured we’d take the plunge before getting home!  We split shifts feeding him during the night and contemplated when we wanted to attempt to leave the following day.  It was so nice having people bring me food, clean around the room, and help with B, we really didn’t want to leave! 🙂

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