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Apr 13 / Amy

Recovery: Day 2 – Jaundice

After we had some sleep, B came back to the room, and breakfast arrived.  It was a relatively quiet morning, thankfully!

The pediatrician came in and told us that it looked like B had jaundice so they wanted to do some testing to be sure.  I wasn’t worried, since I knew jaundice was common, but I wanted to make sure if hie did, we took care of it and got that over with quickly.  The nurse took B back to get his blood work for the jaundice testing and to give him his Hepatitis B vaccine.
B came back and the three of us hung out and enjoyed the quiet for the better part of the day.  Since it’d been more than 24 hours since my c-section, the nurses weren’t required to check on me as frequently (only every 4 hours)!
That afternoon, while we were watching TV, a nurse came to our room and said she was there to take B back to start his light treatment.  We hadn’t been notified that he did indeed have jaundice, so we were surprised that they were coming to take him to get him setup, but shortly thereafter someone came in to tell us the test results.  His levels weren’t too high, but they were high enough for them to want to start treatment.
Once B was setup on the lights, they told us he had to stay there except to eat (no longer than 30 minutes), and after he ate he had to go back under the lights and would stay there until they tested his levels again the next morning.
B under the lights

B under the lights

We spent some more time hanging out before we called it a night.  It was definitely nice to have a slower paced day!
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