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Feb 10 / Amy

Our Little Man’s Birth Story

Now that it’s been a little over two weeks, I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and write out the events of B’s birthday.  That and my mom is here, currently holding the little fella, which makes it easier to get on the computer and type it all out!  It’s a bit long, so be warned!

After all of our waiting, it appeared that B was not going to come on his own.  My doctor’s office would only let me go to 41 weeks, so when I was 4 days away from 41 weeks, I called and requested that we go ahead and scheduled an induction for January 23rd (40 weeks/5 days).  At my last appointment I was already dilated to 4 cm, and 75% effaced – well on my way, so they felt the induction would be favorable.

I crawled into bed on the 22nd with every intention of going to sleep early.  It was hard to fathom going to bed with just two of us in the house, knowing that the next time we’d come home, there would be three.  Due to excitement, nerves, and adrenaline, there was no way I was falling asleep any time soon.  Josh however, fell asleep with no problem.  His snoring might have had something to do with me not being able to sleep too. 😉  So instead I decided to write in my journal and write Josh a letter that I wanted to give him at the hospital the next day.  He didn’t hear me moving around at all.

On the morning of the 23rd, I received a phone call from the hospital at 6 am requesting that I report to the hospital at 7:45 am.  At that point, I really regretted not making a conscious effort to force myself to go to sleep.  There was no telling how long the day was going to be!  We got up, took our final belly photo, I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast and had a little juice before getting into the car and making our way to the hospital.

40 weeks, 5 days!

40 weeks, 5 days!

We checked in around 7:50 am, and shortly thereafter were taken back to our Labor & Delivery room.  After some initial paperwork and preparation, I got my IV around 9:45 am.  The Pitocin was started around that time as well.  My contractions were being monitored, but if I weren’t hooked up to a monitor, I wouldn’t have even realized I was having them.  It was crazy!

My parents got to the hospital around 11 am, and Josh’s family got there about 30-40 minutes later. We were able to spend some time with them all once they arrived.  Around noon, my midwife came in to check my progress, so everyone left the room.  I was still at 4 cm, so they decided to break my water to see if they could speed up and help intensify the contractions.

I was pretty tired and wanted to take a nap, so all the family members went to the waiting room after lunch so I could nap.  The contractions were starting to get uncomfortable, but they weren’t painful just yet, so I opted not to get the epidural right away and went with the Fentanyl at 12:30 pm.  I wasn’t quite expecting the room to start spinning, but it did!  The first dose wore off after about an hour, so I got a second dose at 2 pm and fell asleep.  I woke up at 3 pm to the contractions being really uncomfortable!  It was at that point I decided I was ready to get the epidural.

Because I had to have a full bag of fluids before I got the epidural, I wasn’t able to get it until about 4 pm.  The relief was pretty instantaneous.  Fifteen minutes later, the midwife came in and checked my progress and I was at 7 cm, and about 75% effaced.  While progress was being made, B was still pretty high up in there and not moving towards making an exit.  The midwife said she’d come back a little later to see how things were going.

At 6 pm, the midwife came back for another check and I was at 9 cm, but B was still very high and had not made any effort to descend.  She started discussing the potential need for a c-section to get him out, which brought me to tears.  It was not something we’d planned on, and since the pregnancy had been so easy, I didn’t even think that it would have been an option unless something bad was happening.  I wasn’t ready to make the call, so the midwife said she’d come back at 7 pm for a final check before we’d make any decisions about next steps.

Unfortunately, at 7 pm the results of the check were exactly the same.  The doctor came in, reviewed everything, and agreed that we needed to proceed with the c-section.  At 7:20 pm, one of the nurses came in and said that we had an operating room reserved for 7:45 pm.  I couldn’t believe how quickly everything started happening.  They prepped me for surgery and got Josh in his outfit for surgery.  He ran all of our belongings out to the waiting room and gave our family members the news that it was go time!

Ready to head to the operating room

Ready to head to the operating room

They wheeled me down to Operating Room #1, where they took me inside and had Josh wait outside until they were ready for him to come in.  All I could focus on was the fact that I was shaking uncontrollably from the epidural and could not stop!  My jaws were so clinched and sore from trying to control the shakes.  Finally, Josh was able to come in and held my right hand behind the curtain shielding us from the c-section.

Once the procedure started, I was more alert as to what was going on in the room.  The doctor talked to us the entire time, asking us about what we did for a living, among other things, just to keep us engaged and to keep us from focusing on the surgery.  Josh did a fantastic job the entire day, and it was helpful having him there holding my hand.  Thankfully the anesthesiologist offered to take pictures for us during the whole process.

B making his grand entrance into the world!

B making his grand entrance into the world! Photo courtesy of our anesthesiologist!

At 8:04 pm, our little fella was born.  We heard him cry, and they held him up over the curtain for us to see him.  He was HUGE!  There wasn’t a scale in the room, he was to be weighed in the recovery room, but we knew he was pretty big just looking at him.  And he had so much hair!  Once they had him wrapped up, we took a few family photos and then Josh went with him to the recovery room while they closed me up.

First family photo!

First family photo!

I made it into the recovery room around 8:45 pm or so (time really escaped me that night!) and I found out that B was 9 lbs 10 oz!!!  No wonder he didn’t want to make the normal arrival!  Because I was still shaking so badly, I couldn’t easily hold B, which really upset me.  The minute the shakes were manageable though, he was in my arms!  Once I started holding him, Josh was able to text friends/family pictures/details and post about B’s arrival on Facebook. 😉

I was so incredibly thirsty, not having had anything to drink for awhile, and I was starting to get a little hungry seeing that I hadn’t eaten since 7 am!  But because I’d had surgery, I wasn’t able to eat solid foods for 12 hours after the c-section, which meant I couldn’t eat until 8:04 am the next day.

We left the recovery room around 10:30 pm when we were moved to our hospital room.  We went over paperwork and initial details with the nurse on duty, started feeding B for the first time, and then told our family members where they could find us around 11:15 pm.  Everyone came in for a quick visit, but we were all tired from the long day, so they ended up heading back to their hotels for the night around 11:30-11:45 pm.

After that, Josh and I were able to spend some time with B alone, which was great.  We were immediately completely in love with him.  I couldn’t get out of the bed, so Josh was on diaper duty from the start.  We were hoping to get some sleep after everyone left, but we ended up staying awake with a fussy baby until about 3:45 am.  It was at that point we made the decision to let B go to the nursery for the rest of the night.  I was completely exhausted, and we just needed a little rest.  It was a hard decision to make, because we really wanted him there with us, but knew we wouldn’t be in a good spot if neither of us were without sleep the next day.

All in all, it was a long, tiring day, but it was completely worth it.  Knowing how big of a baby B was after the fact made the c-section perfectly acceptable in my mind.  To this day I’m so glad that he didn’t even attempt to descend, because it could have been a much different birthing experience!

Once things calm down a bit more, I’ll update again!  Just wanted to share B’s birth story since several people had asked!

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  1. Heather / Feb 10 2013

    Congrats on the arrival of B! I’m so glad everyone is healthy and well, and I look forward to hearing more the next time you’re able to post 🙂

    • Amy / Apr 5 2013

      Thank you, Heather!

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