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Jan 4 / Amy

Blog Stats for 2012

I’ve professed my love for Google Analytics before, that hasn’t changed since my last post recapping blog stats!  I really do enjoy watching the visitors come to this blog, seeing where they’re from, what posts are being read, etc.

The map that shows the physical locations of visitors is one of my favorites.  It’s cool seeing all of the countries people are reading my blog from throughout the year:

Visitors from all over!

Visitors from all over! 84 Countries in all!

It’s also cool seeing visitors from almost every state in the US (with the exception of Maine and Wyoming – so if you know anyone that lives in either of those states share the link, my goal for 2013 is to have someone from there visit the blog!)

US Visitors

US Visitors

Since I love taking a look at Google Analytics, I wanted to run the numbers for 2012, to keep going with my previous post on 2010 and 2011’s results.

Here are the blog stats year over year:

– Total Site Visits: 3,133 Visits
– Unique Site Visitors: 2,178 Unique Visitors
– Total Posts Written: 54 [crossed off #34 from my Life List!]
– Total Page Views: 4,913 Page views
– Average Page Views per Visit: 1.57 Pages/Visit
– Avg. Visit Duration: 1:12

– Total Site Visits: 1,714 Visits
– Unique Site Visitors: 1,272 Unique Visitors
– Total Posts Written: 30
– Total Page Views: 2,679 Page views
– Average Page Views per Visit: 1.56 Pages/Visit
– Avg. Visit Duration: 1:26

– Total Site Visits: 234 Visits
– Unique Site Visitors: 177 Unique Visitors
– Total Posts Written: 7
– Total Page Views: 384 Page views
– Average Page Views per Visit: 1.64 Pages/Visit
– Avg. Visit Duration: 1:30

And last but not least, the Top 5 Posts in 2012 (in case you weren’t around to see ’em the first time!):

1. Dear Overstock (201 views / 162 unique)
2. Life List #14 (Part 1): 1+1 = 3? (163 views / 154 unique)
3. Certain Shades of Green (147 views / 109 unique)
4. A Place to Lay His Head (103 views / 93 unique)
5. Our Love Story (99 views / 92 unique)

Thanks to everyone that has stopped by my little ol’ blog (and those that continue to stop by)!  I hope that 2013 will bring higher numbers and that I’ll have some worthwhile things to write about.  2013 is looking like it’ll be a good one!

Happy New Year!!!

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