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Nov 20 / Amy

A Sneak Peek at Baby B

One of my favorite things we’ve been able to do during our pregnancy has been having an ultrasound.  Seeing our baby grow over the weeks has been so very cool, especially knowing that this technology wasn’t around or as readily available when Josh and I were babies (as our mom’s like to remind us). 😉

Over the past 31 weeks, we’ve learned a couple things about B as he’s grown:
1. He likes ice cream (he hasn’t much choice on this one…).
2. He likes rap music.
3. He likes schedules.  If I’m ever late in eating, he lets me know.  It’s funny how on time he is when it comes to eating, being active, and sleeping.  It’s like clockwork.
4. He doesn’t always like to cooperate/He’s stubborn.  One might say that he gets that last one from his mama. 😉

The weekend of my baby shower earlier this month, we made plans to take my parents and Josh’s mom to Stork Vision Atlanta for a 3D/4D appt.  We purchased a package back in August to determine the gender, and then to come back for the 3D/4D, and surprised our mom’s with that info at the gender reveal party we had.

Well, B decided that he wasn’t going to cooperate so his grand parents could see him.  He was breech, had his arm, legs, and umbilical cord in front of his face the entire time that we were there, and was facing my spine.  We got probably one to two good pictures of his face, and that was it.  Stubborn, I tell ya.

B at 29 weeks

Blowing us a kiss? Or practicing his duck face? (29 weeks)

Thankfully, with the package we purchased at Stork Vision, if at any time you’re not able to have a good visual appointment, they invite you to come back for no extra charge.  So that’s what we did this weekend.

We tried a different time of day (just post-lunch time, after we toured the hospital where we’ll be delivering) and crossed our fingers that B would be willing to let us see his sweet face.

And he did!

We were able to capture 70+ photos of our little dude, and while I may be a little biased, I think he’s adorable. 🙂

B at 31 weeks

Look at those cheeks! (31 weeks)

Seeing the difference from two weeks ago was amazing!  He’s definitely starting to fill out, and it made everything seem so much more real!  We can’t wait to meet him!

We’re 9 weeks away from our due date, give or take a few days, and it feels like there’s still so much to do!  It seems like most of the big things are knocked out (or are close to being knocked out), but there’s definitely stuff left.  Maybe I should start making a list…

[#49 of #52]

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