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Sep 24 / Amy

Vegas – Day 2

Finally getting back to trip re-caps – I’m really behind!

On our second day in Vegas, we opted to sleep in.  With work has busy as it’s been, we really wanted to enjoy our vacation.  Since we didn’t have any real plans for the trip, we decided to be lazy.

After we woke up, we ordered room service breakfast because we wanted to stay in our PJ’s. 🙂  When the food arrived, it was placed on our lovely table in the kitchen.

Our plated breakfast

I picked the waffles and berries, while Josh opted for the breakfast burrito.



Josh really enjoyed his breakfast too!

Being 15 weeks pregnant, breakfast had become important for making it through the day without getting super cranky.  I’d made it out of the first trimester, and luckily hadn’t been sick at all – just tired (another reason for choosing to be lazy on our trip).

Once we finished breakfast, we got ready and decided to walk the strip.

It was hot.  The kind of hot that’s smothering, that makes you wonder why on earth you went outside to begin with.  Since Josh had never seen the strip or walked around the casinos, I thought it was important that we do that while we were there.  The nice thing about walking through the casinos was that they were air conditioned.  We really only had to go out into the sun if we wanted to or if there was no easily found connecting route to the next casino.  The only negative of walking through the casinos was the smell.  I’ve never really liked the smell of cigarette smoke, but being pregnant makes the smell 10 times worse.  It burns my nostrils and I have to find fresh air quickly!  While most casinos have pretty good ventilation systems, they’ve been smoked in for years and the smell lingers, so I didn’t mind going out in the heat for a minute to escape the smoky air!

We made our way down to the Venetian and the Palazzo before giving up on the walking and the heat.  We walked back to our hotel to cool off and rest before our evening outing.  I picked up a turkey panini from the snack bar in Vdara on the way back up to the room, all the walking made me hungry!  All the walking in the heat made us tired, so we took a nap.  It’s rare that we take naps, so having the opportunity to do so was quite nice!

Upon waking up we got ready to go over to MGM Grand to watch David Copperfield.  Since we’d walked around all afternoon (and because it was still hot outside), we took a cab.

David Copperfield

The show was entertaining, but I’m a skeptic by nature.  I’m still convinced that some of the people called onto the stage were part of the show, and not actual crowd participants.  The last illusion involved multiple people from the crowd.  They bounced around 10-15 beach balls and if you had a ball in your hands at the end of the show, you were asked to come up on stage (on the condition that you were 18+ and that you spoke English well).  A lady 2-3 seats from us caught a ball, but gave it to someone else once she got further down.  I was so disappointed, because I really wanted to be part of the group that he made “disappear” form the stage at the end of the show.  I couldn’t figure out how he did most of the illusions, which drove me crazy, but again, it was entertaining and made for a fun evening.

Since we hadn’t eaten dinner, we walked out of the theater and over to The Grand Wok & Sushi.  Josh wanted sushi, and while I can’t eat it for now, I obliged since it was his birthday trip…I had the chicken lo mein, which was pretty darn good.  We were pretty full from dinner, so dessert was skipped (this time…), and we made our way back to the room for the evening to relax!

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