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Sep 4 / Amy

Vegas – Day 1

Instead of doing something for our anniversary this year (since we’d just gone on our big trip to Australia), we opted go take a trip for Josh’s 30th birthday.  We booked the trip back in March when I saw a great deal on Jetsetter for the Vdara hotel.  I’m a huge fan of Jetsetter, though we’re usually not in a position to go to all of the places up for grabs – it is my favorite part of the day (especially during the work week) when the daily email comes into my inbox.  So many beautiful locations – it’s nice to take a 5 minute mental vacation scrolling through their photos. [If you’re not a Jetsetter member, you can sign up for free using my referral link.]

The last time I went to Vegas, it was with some of my girlfriends.  It was our first time there, we were ready to get crazy, and we did.

August 2008. Case in point. Ha!

Needless to say that in May when we found out we were expecting a little one, my plans for another crazy trip changed a little.

So at the end of July, we packed up and were off to Las Vegas, NV for a long weekend.  We left on Thursday, July 26th and arrived in Vegas around noon.  We thought it was hot in Atlanta, but oh my, it was so much hotter there.  And for everyone that says, “At least it’s a dry heat”, it’s STILL hot. 🙂  Anytime you see triple digits in the weather forecast, you know it’s going to be ugly.

We checked into the hotel, where we’d booked a City Corner Suite.  The view was quite nice!

View of the Strip from the living area

View from the bedroom

Because I was burnt out on vacation planning, the only thing we’d done for this trip ahead of time was book our hotel and airfare.  We dropped our stuff and decided to walk to the Half Off ticket booth we’d seen not too far from the hotel.

The second we stepped outside, the thick heat surrounded us.  After walking one block, all I wanted to do was turn around and go back to the hotel – but we pressed on.  On top of being really hot, Josh and I were both tired and hungry, which doesn’t make a great combination.  We finally made it to get tickets, where we opted to go see Kà that night, and got tickets to see David Copperfield on Friday night.  Then, we had to walk back.  We hadn’t seen anything that we really wanted to eat on the way to get tickets, the hungry started to eat as us.  We picked a Mexican grill to sit down, cool off, and grab a bite to eat before heading back to the hotel.  We weren’t fans of the food, and our waitress was awful, so we were a little bummed at the selection we made.

After lunch, we went back to the hotel to take a nap before we needed to get ready for.  Right after my alarm went off, and moments before Josh stepped into the shower to get ready, we received a phone call from the front desk.  Apparently, there was a leak coming from our room so they needed us to change rooms and upgraded us to a Panoramic Suite.  Since we hadn’t unpacked yet, it was fairly easy to get everything together to move to the new room rather quickly.

We quickly got ready for the show and rather than walking to the MGM Grand from our hotel, we decided to grab a cab.  There was no way I was interested in walking that far, in heels, in that kind of heat!

Sign we saw from taxi

We picked up our tickets from Will Call and walked around before heading into the auditorium.  The surrounding set was spectacular and the blazing flames from the area below the stage had us anxious for the show to start!

Sign before heading into the auditorium

This was my second Cirque show, and Josh’s first.  It was entertaining and we left amazed at the theatrics, costumes, and choreography.  I’d give it 5 out of 5 stars!  If you’re in Vegas, it’s worth checking out.

After the show, since it wasn’t as hot outside, we opted to walk back to the hotel. I love the Strip at night with all the lights on bright – so much nicer than during the day!

Taken from walkway bridge

Since we had to walk through the Bellagio to get to Vdara, we stopped for gelato at the Jean Philippe Patisserie,  which is home to the World’s Largest Chocolate fountain.

Look at all of that chocolate!

Info about the fountain

If there’s one thing I’ve craved during this pregnancy it’s been ice cream/frozen yogurt/gelato!  I opted for the Mint Chocolate, which was far superior to the Cookies and Creme that Josh enjoyed.

When we got back to our room, it was great to see the lights of Vegas from our panoramic view.

View from room at night

Since we’d been up for awhile, and the heat zapped our energy earlier in the day, we called it a night pretty early to prepare for our Friday in Vegas!

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