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Aug 31 / Amy

Busy Month!

Well, hello there!

Pardon my absence, it’s been a crazy month or so since I last posted.  But since I logged in and saw that people had signed up for email notifications when a new blog was posted, I realized that I should get back on the horse! (You can sign up for email notifications when a new blog is posted as well, see the top of the right hand column over there –>.)

Since there’s been a lot going on, I figured I’d touch on it – but know that I plan on posting more detailed posts ASAP regarding the items listed below (with pictures too). 🙂

First off, at the end of July, Josh and I took a little trip out to Las Vegas to celebrate his 30th birthday!  It was hot, but we had a lot of fun.  It was just nice getting away for a long weekend.

Then, a week later, Josh informs me that he received tickets to the PGA Championship at Kiawah for the following week.  Talk about an unplanned trip, but I was certainly on board with going, seeing that we got engaged on Seabrook and love the Seabrook/Kiawah area!

And most recently, we just got back from San Francisco for a long weekend/babymoon.  Josh was asked to speak at a social media conference since he’s a rockstar at that in the quick service restaurant arena.  When I looked at the calendar, it just so happened that the Braves were playing the Giants *in* San Francisco that weekend, so I booked a plane ticket to meet him out there.  I think I’m still getting over the time adjustment!

I think we’re going to take this weekend to relax, and boy am I looking forward to it.

Next weekend we’re having the big reveal as to whether we’re having a girl or boy to our family – which is going to be quite exciting.  Lots of fun stuff going on!

All for now!


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