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Jul 22 / Amy

Life List #14 – Part 1: 1+1 = 3?

To be honest, it feels really weird to be writing this post. I’ve been thinking for weeks about how I was going to put it out into the world, and have had a major case of writer’s block, so I’m just going to come right out and say it.

I’m pregnant.  Josh and I are expecting a baby in January 2013!

I’ll walk you through the past couple of months, as there’s a lot of time to cover the news.

On Sunday, May 13th (Mother’s Day), I woke up to an empty bed, since Josh was back home playing in a golf tournament.  I felt like being lazy, so I was – I feel less guilty about doing so when Josh isn’t home. 😉  I’d planned to take a pregnancy test on the 14th, since I was already a few days late.  But seeing I’d gone through that a few times since we started trying, I was expecting a negative result.

It wasn’t until I randomly got a Happy Mother’s Day text from my cousin, April.  It was clearly an accident that she added me to her mass text group, but it got me thinking.  I’d felt a bit off the past couple of days, so I decided to test on Sunday.  That way, I’d have the day to be disappointed and prevent myself from starting off the work week on a sour note, like I’d done a couple times before.

I took the steps outlined on the directions, which by this point, I’d read multiple times before…

And then I waited.

Within seconds, it was positive.

My first thought, “Holy. Shit.

Don’t get me wrong, I was excited.  Really excited, but shocked that the test was positive.  I started crying and shaking, and knew I couldn’t wait until Josh got home to tell him the news.  So I called him.

Seeing that I was crying and barely audible as I spoke, I’m pretty sure I freaked him out when he answered the phone.

I broke the news, and his first response was, “Are you serious??”  And I’m pretty sure he threw in a “That’s awesome!”  We agreed not to tell our mom’s until we could figure out a way to tell them.

After I talked to him, I went and got a second test from the store – I wanted to be sure.  I went with a digital test, it also read: “Pregnant”.  Things got real after that!

A week later, we had previously made plans to go down to my hometown for my friend Christina’s bridal shower (well, I was going, Josh was going to play golf with my brother and dad).  After the shower, Josh and I had planned to tell my parents the news.

We took a picture of the test results, printed it out, and put it in a picture frame.

Picture we framed to share the news with our moms

I wrapped it up with lots of tissue paper and put a card in the bag with it.  I’d like to say that I did a fantastic job keeping the fact that we had even started trying from my mom – she had NO clue, so she was quite surprised, as you can see here:

We told Josh’s mom in the same fashion over Memorial Day Weekend.  I’d seen her earlier in the day, and had been feeling a little ‘blah’ that day, and all I wanted to do was sleep, so I skipped going to the Georgia Aquarium with Josh, his mom, his brother, and his brother’s now fiance.

As you can see, her response was that she was a little suspicious to begin with…

Since we’ve shared the news with our mom’s we have had two appointments to see our little one.  Seeing the heartbeat in the first appointment, and hearing it in the second, were pretty amazing experiences!

Our baby at 13w4d

We’ve slowly told a few people up until this weekend (mostly immediate family) and we had a cookout last night to share the news with some people as well.

Now that it’s live on Facebook, I can finally post this blog post.  We’re so overwhelmed by the excitement of our news, and look forward to this new chapter in our life!  Our little one is going to have a great group of family and friends surrounding him/her as he/she grows up!

14 weeks down, and 26 more weeks to go to fully knock off #14 from the Life List!!
And on another note, per the request of some followers, I’ve created an email list so you can sign up to receive new posts via email.  The sign-up box is at the top of the right column over there (—->), would love to have you sign-up!  🙂


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  1. Mallorey / Jul 22 2012

    Oh Amy. The reaction of your mom teared me up. So sweet. Congrats.

    • Amy / Jul 22 2012

      Thanks Mal! She made me cry too! She’s very excited to have a grandchild. 🙂

  2. Jamie / Jul 22 2012

    This is such exciting news!

    I’ve thought you were pregnant for a while! I have no idea why, though. I think I have some sort of prego radar. 😉

    • Amy / Jul 22 2012

      Haha, I thought you might have! 🙂 It’s funny, all of my recent mom friends were very suspicious, and I suck at lying face to face (so the cat was out of the bag early to some people).

      • Jamie / Jul 22 2012

        A coworker figured my pregnancy out when I mentioned that a scent was making me nauseous. She joked “you’re not pregnant are you?” and I turned beet red. I can’t hide ANYTHING with my complexion!

  3. Heather / Jul 22 2012

    Congratulations!!! How exciting and what a perfect day to learn you’re expecting 🙂

    • Amy / Jul 22 2012

      Thanks Heather, we’re so excited! Finding out on Mother’s Day was definitely the icing on the cake! 🙂

  4. Tricia / Jul 23 2012

    Congrats, BDB! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Amy / Jul 24 2012

      Thanks BDB! 🙂

  5. Christine / Jul 23 2012

    Congrats!! 🙂 Love the parents reaction… I can only imagine how happy you and Josh are, babies are SUCH blessings! Can’t wait to follow your pregnancy, H&H 9 months!!

    • Amy / Jul 24 2012

      Thank you so much Christine! I know you’ve got to be excited with #2 on the way! I’ll do my best to blog along the way, I’m sure there will be some fun stories ahead! 🙂

  6. telisha / Jul 23 2012

    Iam so happy for you and josh y’all will bea wanderful parents

    • Amy / Jul 24 2012

      Thank you for your kind words, Telisha!

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