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Jul 7 / Amy

My Best Friend’s Wedding Shower

On Father’s Day weekend, several of my girls and I threw a shower for our beautiful bride-to-be friend, Mary Frances, who we lovingly refer to as MFP.

Since MFP lives out of state while completing her dermatology residency, we don’t get to see her all that often (which sucks).  I know that I am looking forward for the next two years to pass so we can have her back in Georgia (with Tony!).

MFP was my Maid of Honor in our wedding, and I’ll be standing by her side as her Matron of Honor for her wedding.  I can’t wait to see her walk down that aisle!

Me and MFP!

The theme of her shower was “A Bridal Shower and Sweet Treats”.  For the gift portion of the festivities, we did an “A-B-C” gift theme, where every guest was assigned a different letter and asked to bring gifts that started with their letter.

Hannah took the lead on decorations and had some creative ideas with colorful poms and a clothesline where we had pictures of MFP and Tony, as well as pics of us with her.  Each guest was asked to write a message for MFP and hang it on the clothesline.

The clothesline early in the afternoon – it was full by the end of the day!

The bridesmaids all brought goodies for the party crew to enjoy, and enjoy we did!

Sweet Treats!

Special thanks to my mom for bringing the Petit Fours and Flower Cookies from Wilson’s Bakery – they were delicious!!

More sweet treats!

I got a wild hair and decided I was going to bake and decorate the cake for the shower.  For those of you that know me, I’m ambitious, but it doesn’t always work out!  Monica was surprised that I was going to take this on, but thanks to her advice and recipes for butter-cream frosting, the cake turned out alright!  The cake was a pinspiration I’d found on Pinterest (link) – man, that site is awesome!

My cake contribution – surprisingly, the flowers were pretty easy to do!

While the frosting wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked, considering I had no air conditioning the Saturday night before the shower and was panicking about getting it fixed before the guests arrived at 2 pm on Sunday, I was happy the cake was even made!  Thankfully, Shumate saved the day and we had A/C by 10 am on Sunday! 😉

We played a couple candy themed games, to carry out the “sweet” theme – Larissa did a great job putting those together!

Candy ‘Match’ game

After the games, it was time to run through the alphabet.  I found it a lot of fun to see the creative things people came up with for their letter assignment!

H – Hanger, from Etsy Shop: Sunbird Way*


P – Cookie Pans


S – Salad Spinner!

W – Wine glasses, wine, whisks (and more!)

All in all, it was a great afternoon.  It was fantastic to get together with everyone and to see MFP again.  I’m very much looking forward to September for further celebration!  It’s going to be a good one!! 🙂

MFP with her bridesmaids!

Me and MFP!



* Check out Sunbird Way here!

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