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Mar 22 / Amy

Australia: Day 11, Sydney – We’re Here!

I woke up SO excited, because we were on our last day of driving, and would be in Sydney by the afternoon.  Oh, how I’ve waited to return!

We got up, got ready, threw out anything we couldn’t keep with us in our hotel room (i.e., ice cream cone that was left in the freezer), returned the amenities key (and got our $20 deposit back) and hit the road. WOO HOO!

While we were on our trip, we left the boys at home. Alone. With a pet sitter only coming once a day.  I felt so terrible about it, but I knew it’d be better to leave them in an environment they were familiar with, instead of taking them to my mom’s house with her three cats and a dog (lab).  My mom agreed to drive up to check on them once or twice while we were gone, and today was one of those days (well, today back home).  They were really happy to see her and she took pictures and emailed them to us – which we were hoping to see when we arrived in Sydney.

The drive from Canberra to Sydney wasn’t too bad, but as we got to the city, it got a little more nerve-wracking.  Josh was driving, though I’d offered to take the wheel through the city.  After our drive through Melbourne, I was pretty sure he wasn’t going to want to drive the van in the city – but he opted to keep his seat.

That was, until we somehow missed our exit for the Britz rental location.  We were lost, and our GPS unit was not helping.  Josh was frustrated, he missed the second turn we could have taken, and it seemed like we were going to be driving around in circles.  I saw an exit to pull off on, and asked him to do so in order to re-group.  The GPS didn’t recognize where we were, which left Josh extremely frustrated.

I made him get up and I took the wheel, with the hopes of driving a little further and allowing the GPS unit to recognize where we were.  Within a block or two, the GPS recalculated, and it turned out we were less than 2 kilometers from the rental location. Whew.  I think that annoyed Josh a little more than getting lost, haha!

When we returned the vehicle, we’d driven over 2000 kilometers in a week – lots of driving!

We called for a taxi and asked them to take us to our hotel, the Travelodge Wynyard Sydney Hotel.  After checking in, we went up to the room, dropped our luggage off, and went out to explore the city – and most importantly – find something to eat for lunch!

The Harbour was calling my name, so we set off on foot down to Circular Quay to give Josh his first glimpse of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

Even though we were tired, and hungry, we made our way over to the SOH to pick up our tickets for our tour and orchestra performance the following day.  There were so many places to stop and eat, but we opted to stop at this smaller fish and chips shop right near the various ferry quays.  We split a fisherman’s basket, with fish, chips, and calamari.  We walked over to a grassy area and sat down to eat and do a little people watching.

Once we felt like moving again, we walked over to find the BridgeClimb location, so we knew where we were supposed to go in the morning.  Since we were doing the sunrise climb, we had to get there early, and we didn’t want to get lost at 3:30 am!  We found the location and then walked back to our hotel.

Because it was easy, we opted to eat dinner at the hotel instead of going back out.  The menu looked good, but it really left a lot to be desired.

Since we’d be getting up at 2:45 am to get ready and head over to the BridgeClimb, we called it a night early, but due to my overwhelming excitement, it took me a little while to fall asleep!


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