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Feb 25 / Amy

Our little cat burglar…

…in the case of the missing ____________.

I’m leaving this blank as, the answer could really be anything.  This week, it’s items from our kitchen.

If something has gone missing in the house, it’s because of Birdie, and we typically know where to find it (thankfully).

Yesterday, when I got home and went into the kitchen to start getting everything ready for dinner (we had a delicious Chicken Tortilla Soup in the slow cooker) when I noticed the dish towel was missing from the counter.

I immediately went upstairs and checked under the bed.  Lo and behold, there was the dish towel – in the middle of the floor.

Our disappearing dish towel

This morning when I woke up and went downstairs to feed the boys, I noticed the dish towel was missing.

Re-enactment: Our counter before we went to bed

How I found the counter this morning…

It was under the bed…again.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, because it can be pretty funny), this is Birdie’s signature trait.  It all started when Birdie was a kitten.  He’d steal anything he could get his little mouth on.  One morning when I was getting ready, Birdie decided he wanted to move Josh’s shirt.

First, he took it to the kitchen:

Then, he took it under the bed:

We were thinking he’d grow out of it, but it’s becoming more apparent that this is just part of his personality.  His thievery isn’t just limited to t-shirts or dish towels.  In the time that Birdie has been in our life, he’s also taken the following items under the bed:

– Mail
– Newspaper articles
– Socks
– Gloves
– a bra
– decorative wooden letters (yep…)
– my Mercer sweatshirt blanket
– Josh’s UGA sweatshirt blanket
– place mats

It used to be a game to see where things would end up when we got home from work, and we have to be cautious about where we leave things.

A couple weeks ago, I made the mistake of leaving my coat on the sofa when I was in a hurry to get to work.  When I got home, Birdie had moved it…

The coat *was* on the armrest of the sofa when I left for work

I’ve never had a cat that was so determined to move objects around the house – it’s safe to say that Birdie is a special cat.

If you’re ever over to visit, just keep an eye on your things.  If they’re missing, you’ll know who the cat burglar is. 😉

A blanket in the hallway, taken from the sofa.

A cat bed, taken from the bedroom, made it into the hallway.

Caught in the act with a blanket under the bed.


Do any of your pets have interesting quirks?  Or is little Birdie on his own island?


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