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Feb 16 / Amy

Movin’ on up!

We’ve been in our new house for almost 3 weeks now, and things are slowly progressing.  We still have a lot of boxes to unpack, which I have no desire to do.  We also still have a few things at our old place.  Since our lease doesn’t end until the end of this month, we’ve been a little slack about finishing up and getting everything out of there.

Just *some* of the boxes we moved…

I hate packing.  I also hate unpacking.  I wish there was a way to magically make everything appear in its place, without me having to do anything.  In some cases this is happening, since Josh has taken the lead on unpacking – which is only natural, since he did most of the packing.  Thanks, Josh! 🙂

In addition to bringing all of our old stuff over, we realized there’s a LOT of other stuff that we still needed.  While Josh was sitting with the cable guy getting things situation, I might have gone a little crazy at Target…

Just one of the cartloads that has made it into the new house

We needed new bathroom items (since our current ones don’t match the new décor), needed king size sheets (since we only had queen-size before), a mop and bucket, etc.  And while I was there, I saw a bedding set on clearance that was totally adorable.  It was originally $100, and I got it for $30!  I haven’t taken it out of the box yet, so I’m hoping there’s nothing drastically wrong with it.

It’s not too girly, right?

Surprisingly, Josh wasn’t appalled by the choice when I sent him this picture of it (after sending him 15 picture texts while at the store).  It is, after all the back-up to our primary bedding set that I got from West Elm (on sale at that!).

In addition to buying loads of new stuff, our boys have had quite the transition in moving to the new house.  It took a day, but Runner really has come out of his shell.  Once we brought Birdie into our life, his personally changed a little, and he was more reserved.  Now that we’re in the house, Runner is so lively and happy!  I think he likes the added room to run around – and more places to hide from Birdie.

Who needs art for decoration?

It took Birdie a little longer, but he’s finally adjusted.  He’s still not a fan of the sound of pots and pans clanking, but he’s been scared of that noise for quite some time.  He does still end up under the covers of our old bed in the guest bedroom every now and then – I think it feels like ‘home’ to him, but he’s definitely full of energy and can make it from the bottom floor to the top floor in four seconds flat.

My parents came up to help with the move (primarily to watch the cats while the movers took things from the condo to the house, and while they unloaded at our new house).  Luckily, my dad was able to help with some of the tasks that I’d be no help with.  He helped Josh install the new dryer plug for our dryer (there was a mismatch between the prongs – older house, newer dryer – it was bound to happen).  They went off to The Home Depot to pick up supplies for that job, blinds for the downstairs door, and he even helped drywall a hole made by an evil woodpecker (I’ll post more on that later).

In checking out the fireplace, dad found out how to open the flue, which was helpful and entertaining.

When they opened the flue, they found a squirrel.  One that had been deceased for a *very* long time.  I didn’t take a picture of it, due to the laughter that I could not contain.  Dad used the “gripper” to pick it up and throw it outside.  He was going to toss it over the fence, but it hit a tree, and now it’s on the ground off of our deck.  Lovely.  I guess we should take care of that soon.

In any case, we’re enjoying starting to make this place ‘ours’ and I’ve already started on a list of projects that we want (and/or need) to do.  Should be quite the adventure as new homeowners!


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  1. Jamie / Feb 17 2012

    Two things –

    1. While I too HATE moving, I love being in a new space, mostly because that’s when it’s at its cleanest!

    2. I LOVE that bedspread and will be looking for it at Target this weekend.

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