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Feb 12 / Amy

A Little Friendly Competition

If you know either Josh or myself, you know we’re pretty competitive, even more so with each other (in a friendly way).  We both enjoy watching sports, but I’m a bigger fan of watching them in person than on TV.

I graduated from Mercer University for my undergraduate degree and Josh graduated from Kennesaw State University (KSU) for his.  Neither school had a football team while we were in school, so men’s basketball was one of the big sports.  We started dating in December 2007 and in looking at the Mercer men’s basketball schedule – I noticed they were going to be playing at KSU the following month.

I convinced Josh that we should go; it’d be fun to watch our old universities play.  Josh agreed and we made it a date.

We pulled up to KSU and I was donned in orange, one of the few in the crowd.  There weren’t too many people in attendance, but I was glad that we decided to come.  The game was back and forth the whole time, but it was the Bears who took home the win.  It was a good night for me.* 🙂

Our first Mercer vs. KSU basketball game – January 2008

Bears win!

The next month, KSU would be playing at Mercer.  It was a Friday, so Josh and I took the day off and went down to Macon for the weekend.  Unfortunately, it was the Friday before Spring Break at Mercer, so the campus was really quiet.  I took him over to the Engineering Building, the University Center, and even to the top of the Administration Building (my favorite).  That night, we entered the UC to watch our teams play each other again.  The Bears were defeated 65 to 61 by the Owls, so Josh was rather happy.  Thus began our decision to go to every Mercer/KSU game as possible.

Mercer vs. KSU – February 2008

Owls win…

Over the years, we’ve managed to go to 6 of the 10 games, primarily the ones held at KSU (it’s an easier drive).  If we can’t make it to a game, and it’s on TV, we’ll watch it at home.

This weekend, Mercer played at KSU.  After a 30 point lead against the Owls in January, I figured this would be another blow-out, so did Josh.  We got to KSU early for a Mercer alumni dinner, where Coach Hoffman spoke and President Underwood was going around talking to guests.  It was a great time.  When we checked in to get our game tickets, they even gave us Mercer t-shirts (Josh got one too, though he was NOT pulling for Mercer at the game).

We walked over to the Convocation Center and the crowd was larger than we’d EVER seen at the KSU/Mercer game in Kennesaw.  It’s slowly grown, as the two universities are trying to make it a big rivalry – and it’s working!  The crowd Friday night was the largest KSU’s Convocation Center had ever seen, with 4,991 people in attendance.  It was electric!  There were around 400 Mercer students and alumni combined there to cheer on the Bears.  KSU was handing out “BEAT MERCER” shirts again, and Josh was able to pick one up for himself – though they were suspicious since he was with a Mercer fan.

We made it to our seats and Josh put on his new, bright yellow t-shirt, which drew some funny looks from the other Mercer alumni in our section.  He even got a few jokes from some of the people around us.

Ready for the battle in 2012!

The game was close the entire evening, I was actually a little nervous – as I didn’t want to hear Josh’s smack talk should KSU win the game.  Thankfully, Mercer pulled out the win (61 to 57) and I was able to gloat for a few minutes about Mercer’s record versus Kennesaw since we’ve been together**.

That’s how we roll. 😉

Until next year…GO BEARS!


* The night of the first Mercer vs. KSU game we went to, Josh and I had the DTR talk (we defined the relationship) and decided that we wanted to be more than just dating, and we never looked back.


** Scores for the games since we’ve been together:

Date/Location Score
Jan 5, 2008 – At KSU 77-75 (Mercer wins)
Feb 29, 2008 – At Mercer 65-61 (KSU wins)
Jan 29, 2009 – At Mercer 88-75 (Mercer wins)
Feb 5, 2009 – At KSU 75-56 (Mercer wins)
Jan 27, 2010 – At Mercer 69-71 (KSU wins)
Feb 4, 2010 – At KSU 63-66 (KSU wins)
Jan 25, 2011 – At KSU 78-70 (Mercer wins)
Feb 15, 2011 – At Mercer 57-55 (Mercer wins)
Jan 13, 2012 – At Mercer 81-51 (Mercer killed KSU)
Feb 10, 2012 61-57 (Mercer wins)


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